AC Valhalla Oswald Becomes King

After taking time with some world events, I started a pledge mission for AC Valhalla Oswald. The young Thegn started as a boy that everyone laughed at and eventually became a respected king, with my help. I thought for sure he would die before he ever became king. AC Valhalla Oswald turned into a great character full of compassion and bravery.

Training Thegn Oswald to Become King

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Eivor fighting Thegn Oswald on an island while Finnr watches
Eivor Fighting Oswald as a Training Exercise

On my next pledge mission, I met with Steward Finnr. He was tasked with replacing the king of East Anglia (the previous one died). It was a pretty ominous sight, a throne filled with arrows. The new potential king was weak and lacked the respect of his future subjects.

Meeting Thegn Oswald, it was obvious he was wise and spoke well, but was not a fighter. Not a good mix when he was set to marry a Viking named Valdis. Her brothers, Brothir and Broder, had little respect for him and openly mocked him. They outright disrespected him, but he was more concerned with talking things out.

My task was to make a man of him by knocking him around a bit. He made the mistake of challenging Finnr to a Holmgang (fight to the death). Eivor took up that challenge and I gave Oswald a proper beating. I didn’t want him to die, so I pulled some punches.

He did not have much skill, but he showed a lot of spirit and courage to not back down. He kept getting back up and rejoining the fight. Eivor gave him advice to fight dirty in order to win. That advice would come in handy later.

To finish his training, we took Oswald on a raid of an outpost at Serpent’s landing. It was held by Reud’s men. They were part of the clan that killed the previous king. Oswald fought well enough to stay alive and claim the prize of hacksilver and shields. His plan was to gift them to the brothers, but they were not impressed.

AC Valhalla Oswald Drawing Reud out at Dunwic

AC Valhalla Reud holding Oswald over the edge of Burgh castle
Reud Holding Oswald Over the Castle Edge

While one of the brothers complained about their gift, guards found scouts. One of them let slip Reud’s plans to attack Oswald’s kingdom. He also clued us in on a twist, Valdis was Reud’s wife, right before she killed him. After that bit of drama, we hatched a plan to bring the fight to them.

Our plan brought us to Dunwic castle. I did my sneak and assassinate thing on my way to light the torch. The plan was to draw Reud to the castle using the signal his men were set to use (that giant torch). The plan worked and Oswald tried to negotiate a peaceful resolution. No surprise that didn’t work considering Reud is a Viking and Oswald’s was trying to take his former wife.

Eivor tried to take Oswald’s place in the fight, but he wanted to prove he was worthy to be king. The fight was hardly fair as Reud easily knocked Oswald around. As he helplessly dangled over the castle edge, he remembered Eivor’s earlier lesson on fighting dirty. He bit Reud and pulled him over the edge with him.

After the initial shock wore off, we made a hasty escape from the castle as Reud’s men chased us. After escaping, it was clear Oswald gained the respect of everyone for his sacrifice. His story of bravery spread like wildfire. I even took the time to search for the bodies of Reud and Oswald. I only found a sword belonging to the Oswald.

Could they still be alive?

Destroying Reud’s Clan at Burgh Castle

AC Valhalla sailing through a lightning storm with flaming arrows flying overhead and Burgh castle in the background
Sailing Through a Storm of Lightning and Flaming Arrows

With Reud and Oswald likely dead, we needed to destroy Reud’s clan. The first step was to use Oswald’s bravery to inspire East Anglia to fight in his name. To that end, I traveled to Theotford to gain the support of Reeve’s men. He respected Oswald’s sacrifice, but Danes were threatening and wasn’t about to help Eivor.

After some negotiation, I convinced Theotford Reeve to pledge support after granting him a favor. That favor involved recapturing a nearby settlement. I made quick work and blew the horn of King’s Bury’s church to announce the victory. With one blow of that horn, and Oswald’s story, most of East Anglia joined us for the coming fight.

Attacking Burgh castle was definitely a highlight of the game. Sailing to the castle in the dark with the sky illuminated with lightning. Flaming arrows flying at and over our boats were the only other lights available. We ended sailing when we lit the explosives and rammed it into the gate of Burgh castle.

My ability to throw axes at 3 people at a time came in useful to fight through the castle. There were a couple stops where I was able to man the battering ram to bust through inner gates. It was pretty standard for the other sieges I took part in, but there was a surprise.

We were all shocked to find both Reud and Oswald alive. Even as a hostage, Oswald was brave and ready to die. This time Eivor fought Reud. I made sure to make quick work out of him. My side mission focus earlier on built up my power. After my victory, I chose to honor Oswald’s wishes and spare Reud. As a prisoner, he would be a symbol of Oswald’s triumph.

King Oswald’s Wedding Celebration in AC Valhalla

Assassin's Creed Valhalla King Oswald and Queen Valdis wedding reception
Wedding Reception for King Oswald and Queen Valdis

With East Anglia fully supporting Oswald as King and Reud held prisoner, it was time for that wedding. Valdis was proud to be Queen after our adventures proved Oswald’s bravery. Her brothers support the new King for the same reasons. Now it was time to celebrate.

It was a satisfying rest stop after all the battles from earlier in the mission. I took some time to play games, feast and drink. Turns out the battle was not over. Reud escaped his captors and demanded to fight Oswald. I chose to let Oswald fight since Reud was injured and he needed to solidify his claim.

My gamble paid off. Oswald was victorious and I let him spare Reud. Oswald was all about mercy and he chose to banish Reud instead of killing him. Hopefully that does not comeback to bite us. I was curious whether some of the choices I made mattered.

After checking online, I found that things do play out a bit different depending on whether someone chooses to fight in Oswald’s place and whether to let him live or not. With that thread complete, my next AC Valhalla trip will be to Asgard.

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