Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny Silverhand

Last time I talked about the great Judy side mission, but today I’m going to talk about all the Johnny Silverhand missions. Some were part of the main story, while others were completely optional. It is sad some people missed out on these missions, because they were a lot of fun.

Johnny’s Silverhand’s Last Concert Before His Death

Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny hold the microphone and gun in front of concert crowd
Johnny’s Last Concert

After getting Johnny’s engram into V’s head, things got weird. I ended up reliving his last memories before his death and it was wild.

I started reenacting his last concert, playing to the crowd and waving his gun around like the mad man he was. It was followed by run ins with fans and arguing with bandmates. That’s where things got interesting as I made my way to a waiting helicopter.

Rogue Amendiares was waiting in that chopper to take me, as Johnny, up to Arasaka tower to get revenge on some corpo scum. It wasn’t long before I had chance to rain down hell using the helicopters chain gun on the roof of the tower.

Once we landed, I fought security guards with Johnny’s unique gun and even more unique reloading mechanic. Took time to drop a nuke in an elevator shaft before getting shot up by Adam Smasher.

In the end, I saw through Johnny’s eyes as he was whisked away to a safe house, right before the nuke went off. Saburo Arasaka was his captor and used his Soul Killer tech to upload Johnny’s engram (his consciousness) into a biochip.

Like I said, wild and it gave me a better understanding of how Johnny got into V’s head.

Johnny Silverhand and Alt Cunningham

Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny Silverhand staring in the mirror with Alt Cunningham touching his shoulder in the dressing room
Johnny’s Memory of Alt

In a later mission with the Voodoo Boys, they used Johnny’s engram to contact Alt Cunningham. She was his girlfriend and a victim of the same Soul Killer program, now stuck on the net.

The mission triggers a reenactment of Johnny’s last memory of Alt. That memory took me through another concert followed by some drugs and an argument with Alt. In true rocker fashion, the argument led to a sex scene before their final good byes.

Johnny’s last attempt to get her to stay ended in a fight with guys in the alley before Arasaka agents took her captive. I ended up on the ground with Mantis blades through my/Johnny’s torso. The only thing that saved me was a reporter named Thompson that got me to a Ripperdoc.

They teamed up with Rogue to assault Arasaka tower to get Alt back. There was a concert/riot at the base of the the tower they used as a distraction to get where they held her. Unfortunately for Johnny, we found Alt unresponsive. She was gone.

What he didn’t know at the time was that her engram had been uploaded on the net and she had no way to get back to her dying body. This mission explained their complicated relationship, why he hated Araska so much and why he went on that suicide mission in the previous memory.

Drunken Night as Johnny Silverhand

Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny Silverhand bring drinks to a stripper dancing on the stage
Johnny Drink for the Stripper

Johnny wanted to go after Adam Smasher for revenge and I was all for it. He needed Rogue’s help, but needed to talk to her himself by taking control of my V’s body. It’s a recurring theme through the game. Take pills to block him or other pills to let him take control.

Letting him take control started a wild drunken night of fun. Although the plan was to find Rogue, I ended up on a drinking binge that led me to a tattoo parlor and strip club. There was at least one trip to the bathroom to vomit, which brings back bad memories and fits Johnny’s rocker style.

Also in classic rocker fashion, Johnny got us booted out of the club after picking a fight with some bouncers. They didn’t like Johnny talking to one of the ladies. Their efforts were in vein, because that girl became our designated driver.

After Johnny had tried to seduce her while she was driving, we ended up in a gnarly car wreck. We both walked away, but this was the point Johnny’s drinking led us to black out drunken state.

We woke up in a cheap room with Rogue standing over us, at least we had found her. Just had to kick a hangover, while she called around for the location of Adam Smasher. It was a little freaky for her learning about Johnny being in V’s head, but she was 100% on board to get Adam Smasher.

Sneaking onto Ebunike with Rogue

Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny Silverhand's Porsche unveiled
Finding Johnny’s Porsche in a Container

Rouge proved useful in finding the Ebunike ship that Adam Smasher used as his mobile storage locker. We snuck on their together to confront one of his contacts who did not know where he was, but let us know he would find us.

I chose not to let the prick live since he had Johnny’s gun, but I did let him live long enough to give me access to a present: Johnny’s car in one of the ship containers.

His gun had a crazy reload mechanic with a blow torch melee ability. His car was like a Porsche 911. I think Porsches are cars for douchebags, but I did end up liking the Cyberpunk take on his car. The gun metal paint job, or maybe lack of paint, was so much better than douche cherry red.

We took his car on a joy ride to where Adam Smasher’s contact told us where Johnny Silverhand’s body was buried. That oil field/dump had a great mood to it and gave me a chance to bond a bit with Johnny. Ray tracing really makes this dumpy and ugly location look interesting.

Johnny and Rogues Movie Date

Cyberpunk 2077 Rogue Amendiares watching the drive-in moview screen
At the Drive-in Movie with Rogue

Things at the ship didn’t really go the way that Rogue wanted, so Johnny wanted to finally keep a promise to take her on a date. It would require him taking control of V’s body again. Another totally optional mission, but why miss out on more story?

We picked Rogue up in Johnny’s Porsche and set her up at a drive-in movie theatre. Johnny took control and they enjoyed the movie before making out like teenagers, but the weird situation broke that up pretty quick.

With the date plan fizzled, Johnny wanted to visit his old bandmate Kerry Eurodyne. He was now a well known rocker in his own right and lived in a mansion in the Oaks section of Night City (like the Hollywood hills I guess).

Johnny’s Samurai Reunion Concert

Visiting Kerry’s Mansion

Cyberpunk 2077 Meeting Kerry Eurodyne in his rocker mansion
Meeting Kerry in his Mansion

Arriving at Kerry Eurodyne’s mansion, it was about what you would expect from a famous rocker’s place. There were plenty of albums on the wall, band equipment and expensive junk. Oh and it was pretty messy.

Johnny needed to borrow V’s body again to play a Samurai song on one of the vintage guitars to draw Kerry out and then let him in on our predicament. Kerry was the least surprised about Johnny’s condition.

After talking about the old days and bandmates, they wanted to get the band back together. I don’t like rock music, but wasn’t about to miss a chance at a mission like this.

Rescuing Nancy from the Maelstrom Gang

Cyberpunk 2077 Maelstrom Club with red laser lights coming from stage
Maelstrom Dance Club

Kerry went to find Denny and Henry while I needed to track down Nancy, who was now a reporter under the name Bes Isis. That was an interesting trip since she was hold up in a club run by the Maelstrom gang. They are half man, half machine freaks.

Lucky for me, I was on the Maelstrom gangs good side, for the most part. They gave me a bit of an issue at the door because I had killed their leader, Royce, in an earlier mission. That was actually an accident.

I made a choice in the main heist setup mission (before Johnny Silverhand was in V’s head) to help them fight off Militech, but a wayward grenade or hack finished him off. I basically let him and his exo suit fight it out with the Militech mechs, so his health was very low before I did anything.

What ultimately saved me is that I released their old leader, Brick, from the laser mine trap Royce set him in. This is an example where my earlier choice saved me from a gun fight.

Inside the club it game me a Blade intro club type of vibe with the electronic music and red laser lights. After enjoying the sights and sounds, Brick let me leave with Nancy and she agreed to help with the concert.

Getting Johnny’s Band Back Together

Cyberpunk 2077 Denny's house with cement mixer in pool while Henry lounges and Johnny Silverhand sits
Reuniting the Samurai Band

With my part done, Kerry arranged for us to all meet at Denny’s mansion. It was comical to see that Henry had driven an actual cement mixer truck into Denny’s pool and partially filled it with concreate. As you can imagine, she was pretty mad.

In the end, I had to choose whether Henry or Denny would rejoin the band. I chose Denny since Henry was obviously mentally unstable and was a former druggy. I don’t think it makes a huge difference in who you pick.

Johnny Silverhand and Samurai Back for 1 Night Only

Cyberpunk 2077 V as Johnny silverhand playing the guitar next to Kerry Eurodyne
Samurai Reunion Concert

With everything settled, we all met up at the Red Dirt bar and I gave Johnny control of V. It’s a simple mission that only required me to interact with the other bandmates and the crowd as if I were really part of the band. As simple as it was, it was fun to roll play as Johnny Silverhand rocker boy.

Kerry Goes Gangster

Cyberpunk 2077 van on fire with Kerry Eurodyne watching
Blowing up the Van with Kerry

After the reunion concert, Kerry calls for some help taking care of a cover band that wanted to use his music. He wanted to stop them. It involved taking a van filled with their equipment and blowing it up. Johnny Silverhand and V had fun talking about how Kerry had gone a bit dark with this mission.

It ended with a simple trip to a noodle bar to bond over the successful mission. I thought that was it for all of Johnny’s crew missions, but I was wrong. I found out later it’s the start of a whole thread of missions with Kerry. Those include confronting the cover band and take a nice trip on his luxury yacht.

With the end so near, I’ve decided to finish the Kerry side missions after their next major patch. Next post, I plan on detailing my final playthrough before I get the credits to roll (at least the first time).

This game just seems to have a near endless supply of side missions and so many of them are so worth the effort. That’s not even including the scores of gig missions used for making money.

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