The Cyberpunk 2077 Judy Missions

Last time, I wrapped up the Panam side missions and this time I tackled the Cyberpunk 2077 Judy side missions. She was the person that gave me the Brain Dance tutorial towards the beginning of the game.

Judy always seemed like the smartest person in the room with her tech savvy and tough with all those tattoos. After that initial tutorial mission, I was given the chance to help her out with a list of problems.

First Trip to Lizzie’s Bar

Cyberpunk 2077 Judy Alvarez in the basement of Lizzie's bar.
Judy Teaching me About Brain Dances

As part of the main story, I met with Evelyn Parker at the famed Lizzie’s bar. She introduced me to Judy Alvarez whose mission would was giving me the tutorial for my first brain dance.

We used this knowledge to plan the heist at Arasaka tower (the one where you end up with Johnny Silverhand in your head). It is a great part of the game navigating through those brain dances.

I outlined the BDs in more detail in my first Cyberpunk post. After that heist went south, Evelyn went into hiding, but I needed to find her to find out who hired her.

Searching for Evelyn in Clouds

Cyberpunk 2077 Clouds host with blue hair checking me in while Johnny Silverhand watches her.
Clouds Host Checking me In

In order to find Evelyn, I needed Judy’s help with the mission. Her help led me to Clouds, the dollhouse. Evelyn was working their as doll. Dollhouses in Cyberpunk had men and women with special Cyberware that could be programmed to fulfill a client’s fetishes or other needs. The process leaves the doll with no memory of the encounter after (guess the aim is to avoid any guilt or shame).

In my V’s case, the doll I was assigned got into some deep philosophy with me before I uttered my safe word to begin some real questioning. The whole doll experience was weird with how she was a completely different person before and after the safe word. It’s also worth noting that I could have chose a male doll instead.

With the doll’s help, I was able to investigate the room Evelyn was last seen in. I found that she had her Cyberware hacked while meeting with a client. The club tried to cover up the incident, so I spoke with another doll that was friends with Evelyn. Their info led me to question the manager.

I wasn’t exactly a VIP, so I would have to get creative to see the manager. That creativity led me to knocking out a guard in the bathroom to steal his key and then creep past more guards to get to that office. Going in guns blazing was also an option, but hard to get info from people shooting at you.

No surprise the manager of this futuristic brothel was a big creepy white guy. He explained that the attack basically left Evelyn broken and he just passed her off to a Ripper Doc.

I wanted to punch the guy, but didn’t want to deal with all those guards just yet. In hindsight, I kind of wished I just took him out then. It is an option to kill the guy right there. In your next playthrough, I suggest punishing the creeper.

Confronting Ripper Doc Fingers

Cyberpunk 2077 meeting ripper doc fingers in his office with Judy Alvarez
Meeting Ripper doc Fingers

The Ripper Doc that took Evelyn was located at Jig-Jig street. It is like the Red Light district of Nighty City. Judy decided to join me there now that I had a solid lead. The Ripper Doc’s office basically looked like a crack house on the first floor.

Come to find out, this doc was like a dollar store equivalent. He often sold defective implants for discount prices. He even looked like a super low rent, creepy quack. His name, Fingers, was just as creepy as his looks.

The scumbag told us he sold Evelyn off to BD producers who would use her for super hardcore scenes. I decided to punch Fingers in the face. I found out later that would ensure I could not use him to install implant, which is fine considering I would not want his discount work. He’s lucky we let him live.

Finding Evelyn

Cyberpunk 2077 camera setup by a bloody bed with a hurt Evelyn Parker at it's head
Finding Evelyn Parker Alive

After asking different seedy back alley people about the BD producers, I found the typical bootleg seller that gave me a BD with clues as to where they stayed at.

In Judy’s van, we used the BD to analyze the snuff film (recording of murder) I just bought from the seedy vendor. The experiences of the poor victim that was murdered gave us the info we needed to track down the creators. It was a brutal scene, but gave me more motivation to kill the gang.

Judy drove us to the next mission and I took my time decimating all the gang members with my quick hacks. No mercy would be given knowing what they have done to others and likely did to Evelyn. I was really ready to make them suffer after I found all bodies of victims they left near an incinerator.

We were able to find Evelyn alive in the basement, but she was in really rough shape. Judy took us back to her apartment and I was able to look around. It was fun to see the kind of place Judy was living in and the random tech she had laying around.

Judy was very thankful for the help and was able to get a BD off of Evelyn to show the people that hired her. It was another fun little BD mini game to find out the Voodoo Boys were the likely buyers for the biochip in my head, but that meeting would wait until I completed more side missions.

Revenge for Evelyn

Visiting Maiko’s Office with Judy

Judy later called me panicked for help at her apartment. It was a sad sight when I arrived. Evelyn had slit her wrists in Judy’s tub and it was already too late. The whole experience was too much for her and it was a death that was not preventable in the game.

Judy needed a few days to process the last mission, but came back to me with a plan for revenge. She found out Woodman had his way with Evelyn before he passed her off to Fingers.

This was one of those moments of regret a previous decision I made, making the choices in this game matter. I had the chance to take Woodman out myself, but now we could take revenge together.

The Tiger Claw gang ran Clouds, so Judy wanted her Mox gang to take it over as revenge. Her plan would require inside help, so we met with her former boss at Clouds, Maiko.

It wasn’t the warmest welcome and Maiko wasn’t exactly receptive, but her office looked great so I at least enjoyed the view. I later found out the complicated meeting between Maiko and Judy was due to their romantic involvement in the past.

Although Maiko wasn’t so helpful, she did give us the parting gift of Woodman’s location. Judy and I confronted him over taking advantage of Evelyn before taking him out together. I let him live once and was not making the same mistake.

Plan to Take Over Clouds

Cyberpunk 2077 meeting with Judy Alvarez win her apartment next to Tom, Maiko and another Doll from Clouds
Planning at Judy’s Apartment

Judy invited me for pizza at her apartment to show off her new mission plan for taking over Clouds. She also invited 2 of the dolls from Clouds and Maiko made an appearance. Sitting around the table planning missions are some of the best parts of the game.

They showed off Judy’s program for the dolls that basically programmed them into killing machines. They could throw knives with great accuracy and counterattack even the fastest opponents. This got Maiko on board with the plan.

The other piece Maiko suggested was to confront the Tiger Claws underboss, Hiromi Sato, at his penthouse. He had control of the club, so we had to get him out of the way somehow. Maiko had a plan to call a meeting with him and other Tiger Claw bosses. She wanted a show of force.

Clouds Invasion

Cyberpunk 2077 Hiromi's Penthouse with him, Johnny Silverhand's ghost, 2 Tiger Claw bosses and Maiko
Meeting at Hiromi’s Penthouse with Maiko

Later on, the crew contacted me to meet them at the Mega Building to set the plan in motion. There was sneaking around some guards to get Judy to a panel to hack into the system, then it was time to split up.

Judy and the Dolls were on a mission for Clouds to hatch her killer robot doll plan to take out the Tiger Claw guards, while I went up to the roof to make my way to the penthouse suite to meet up with Maiko.

I got to takeout some guards with quick hacks in the penthouse suite with relative ease. Contagion is one of my favorite starter hacks. It basically infects nearby enemies and jumps to others after the quick hack perks I had. It let me spread across the guards quickly.

With guards taken care of, I joined the meeting with Maiko. She had Hiromi and the 2 other Tiger Claws distracted with BD wreathes showing off a new virtu (think videos except virtual reality). I was very tempted to just kill them while they were distracted, but Maiko wanted to negotiate a change in management with the 2 Tiger Claw higher ups.

Instead of Maiko negotiating to turn over control of the Clouds club over to the Moxes, she was trying to take over as a Tiger Claw boss overseeing the club. I knew Judy would be pissed about the mission, so I went against Maiko and chaos ensued. I killed all the Tiger Claws and incapacitated Maiko.

Judy wasn’t happy about Maiko betraying us, but our plan was a success and Clouds was ours. It would be a bit before she contacted me again.

Scuba Diving Mission with Judy

Cyberpunk 2077 Judy Alvarez in a wetsuit with scuba gear at a waterside cabin
Judy Alvarez in Her Wetsuit

This was probably my favorite of all the Cyberpunk 2077 Judy missions and it involved zero combat. She called me for help with her next project. I met her out at a cabin near the water and she was rocking a wetsuit with scuba gear.

Her new project was to try to record a BD made up of the combined experience of 2 people. She wanted us both to scuba dive while she recorded both of our experiences. I actually earned advanced scuba certification when I was 16, so this mission was an extra treat for me.

During the Panam missions, it was a nice break to see the bare earth of the badlands, but this was like a whole other world. Judy took us down to what used to be the neighborhood she grew up in. It was flooded on purpose, so she wanted this BD project to capture some of the nostalgia.

Cyberpunk 2077 underwater scuba diving with Judy Alvarez.
Scuba Diving with Judy

It was great to have the silence of the water and hear some of Judy’s memories echo in my head. This was one of those game experiences where it was somber and quiet, but will likely be remembered long after I’m done with the game.

Judy Pulls me Out of the Water

Cyberpunk 2077 Judy Alvarez smoking a cigarette near the water
Judy Smoking Waterside

I was concerned that the quiet was just leading to some shark or gator attacking us, but the biochip in my head tweaked out instead. Judy had to drag me out of the water and we agreed to stay the night at the cabin.

After a quick task of getting the generator going, she opened up to me about the current state of Clouds. Our actions led to the Tiger Claws seeking revenge on the club. One of the dolls that helped in our plan, Tom, was killed and the other doll barely made it out. They had to close the club.

If I were a female V and had been flirting with Judy for awhile, then this is where I could key up a romantic scene (Judy only likes women). Instead of that, my male V consoled her and then it was time to sleep.

The next day, Judy let me know she was leaving Night City, but gave me access to her apartment first. Her apartment was pretty cool, so it was nice to have a backup. Had I romanced her as a female V, I would have been given the option to start a relationship with her and have her stick around Night City.

Again a lot of choices. It was unfortunate her great character would be leaving the city, but she did check in with messages her and there. It’s another great example of how the optional side missions help build on the Cyberpunk 2077 main story.

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