Drugged by Bliss in Far Cry 5 with Faith Seed

Last time, I started Far Cry 5 and took out Joseph Seed. This time I was drugged with bliss in Far Cry 5 with Faith Seed. There were a ton of drugs (the bliss), hallucinations, guns, drug addicts, bombs, guns, explosions and more. Faith pestered me through hallucinations all throughout her area until I sent her to her god (or maybe the devil).

Far Cry 5 Faith Seed, the Queen of Bliss

Far Cry 5 Faith Seed guiding the Marshall while he holds a gun in the prison
Faith Seed Guiding the Marshall

Faith Seed was like a classic hippie flower child. She was always drugged up, dancing around in her white dress and giddy like a child. Her territory was full of fields with the plants that produce the cult’s bliss drug. It’s the same stuff their altars scattered around the County pump out to keep cult members hooked in.

Her followers were referred to as Angels. They were so far gone on bliss, they were like fast zombies ready to kill anyone not in the cult. They also were like bullet sponges at times. Aiming for the head seemed like the only way.

As soon as I walked through those bliss plant fields, there were recurring hallucinations of Faith walking in front of me. She whispered cult nonsense wanting me to join, peace, love and all that crap. As I destroyed her stuff through story missions, especially burning bliss fields, she started to get very annoyed.

It was funny watching Faith Seed go from giddy school girl to full on temper tantrum. When I pushed her far enough to hit the story milestones, the game informed me I was blessed. Like the bliss bullets in the last territory, I randomly passed out from bliss exposure. When I woke up, she walked me around, telling stories about the cult.

Blessed with the Bliss

After the first such event, I woke up at the County Jail in the middle of a firefight. Once I liberated the jail, it served as the hub for the rest of the missions in that area. Each trip with Faith also landed me right back at the jail.

In a later event, I took a nice leisurely boat road with the Marshal the cult captured. He was all kinds of drugged up and did not want to leave. I didn’t give him a choice and somehow managed to get him back to the jail, after passing out again. He freaked out and it was pretty obvious he’d turn on us eventually.

Well in the end, he did turn on us. The Marshal shot Virgil and opened the gates for the cult, before shooting himself in the head. Faith Seed held that type of power over the people she drugged, so I had no problem with taking her down.

Her boss fight was a hallucination of course. Her Angels rushed me, she shot energy blasts at me and teleported around. It was all an illusion of course, but it was fairly easy for me to take some shots before moving out of the way. Her death ended with her in a pond and me off to destroy her bunker.

Backup Against Faith Seed with Far Cry 5 Specialists

Far Cry 5 stats page for specialists Peaches the mountain lion, Sharky Boshaw the heavy flamer and Adelaide Drubman the helicopter pilot
Specialists Peaches, Sharky and Adelaide

In between my fun walks with faith, I took on a few more missions to unlock Specialists. I’ve now unlocked Peaches, Sharky Boshaw and Adelaide Drubman.

Peaches is a mountain lion that specializes in steal kills. It’s both weird and kind of cool to see these animal squad members in action. The downside is they are not vehicle friendly, but they are quick enough to show up where I need them. Peaches unlock mission was partially a tutorial. I used bait to lure her back to her cage which convenientely was overrun with cult members for her to test attacks on.

Sharky Boshaw is another perfect example of a Merika type character. His specialty is a heavy flamethrower. His unlock mission very much fit his “burn it all down” personality. He just wanted to play his giant speaker system loud without the Faith Seed angels interrupting. I helped him out with that and now I get to enjoy his personality on missions and his love of fire.

Adelaide Drubman is a helicopter pilot and her helicopter is loaded with guns. Loving the air support from Nick Rye, I know she will make a great number two squad mate. All that air support is bad news for the peggies that I’ll blow to hell. Her unlock mission included traveling to some out of the way places. It was easy to reach those with the helicopters I unlocked already.

It’s nice that the human squad mate AI is good enough to grab a vehicle to follow behind me. When I wait for them before taking off, they will jump in with me, but good to know they can find their own ride as needed. If they are pilots, like Adelaide, then they can also grab an aerial vehicle to follow. The only tricky part is when I try to take off quick and sometimes bump into them, as they try to keep close by me.

Climbing, Gliding and Fishing with my Specialists

While I shuffled around my specialists, I did take some time for some rock climbing with my grappling hook. Some climbing puzzles gave me flashbacks of the movie Cliffhanger. I swung from the climbing ropes, rappelled into caverns and more.

At some of those peaks, I also tested out my unlocked wingsuit. It’s a fun distraction to swoop through valleys and over the water falls. Of course my specialist could not do any of this with me. They just watched me puzzled and eventually showed up where I landed.

Before the end of my last play sessions, I also took time for some fishing. I usually avoid the hunting and fishing in these open world games. This time around a fishing side mission seemed short enough and I figured the developers probably spent hours fixing the mechanics of it. It’s a nice chill distraction from all the action.

With Faith Seed laid to rest, I’ll venture into the final territory to say hi to Jacob Seed, before I kill him.

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