Knock Off Knight Rider in Watch Dogs 2

This game is fun. I wish I had started it sooner, because it’s making me even more hyped about Legion. Last play session, I picked up a Cyber Driver mission and this time I found it was basically their version of Knight Rider. Once I saw the car, I knew at some point I would be stealing it. Spoilers ahead.

Cyber Driver is Knight Rider

Watch Dogs 2 Jimmy Siska in Cyber Driver movie trailer
Jimmy Siska in Cyber Driver

With the Cyber Driver mission activated, I was prompted to go back to HQ and talk to Wrench which cued a cutscene. They gathered on the couch to watch the new trailer for the Cyber Driver movie.

Marcus and Wrench are big fans. Talking car with a cheesy driver always wearing his sun glasses, yup. The other members of the crew were not so excited, but they did like Marcus’s idea to make a DedSec trailer using that car. All for the love of followers in the game, of course.

Hacking the HMP Studio

Watch Dogs 2 Marcus sneaking around the cyber driver movie set with a train car in the background
Sneaking Around the Movie Set

I made my way to the studio to see what intel I could get. This was the first time I used the jumper drone to sneak in undetected. It easily drove under the stage and trucks around guards.

Using the net hack I found the crypto key I had to steal and carefully drove upstairs. I lured a guard out to a junction box and he got shocked with the proximity trigger. Took the drone past him to the box I needed to hack. The drone uses it’s arm to plug in a USB device to begin the hack. With the key hacked, I drove up farther to a train car above the set and hacked the laptop there to download studio emails.

I hopped down to the studio floor and hacked a robotic lift to distract a guard away from my jumper. The vent on the floor of the dressing room allowed my jumper to sneak through and hack the laptop with the movie script. Unfortunately no info about the car location.

Stealing the Cyber Driver Car

Driving the Stolen Cyber Driver Car

Josh found info on the car being moved, but not where. Sitara got an idea about working with a paparazzo she knew, so I met him on top of building he was surveilling. He wanted some really good dirt to trade for the car location. Good thing I had compromising emails of Jimmy Siska with a popstar. He sent me the GPS location of the car.

I made my way to the car location and it was in a truck trailer (just like Knight Rider man). I setup a distraction to move the guards away from the trailer, then made my way in. A quick cutscene introduced the car with the nice AI voice and then I busted out. Chase time.

I spent a lot of time rounding corners and flying over hills, until I found an underground tunnel to hide in. The whole time the car was talking to me, quoting the movies.

Once the hiding worked (escape timer ran out), I made my way to the DedSec’s garage to cue the cutscene. Come to find out the car wasn’t talking to me, just Wrench messing with me. Now we need some things to make the car better.

Stealing the Key Data

Watch Dogs 2 sneaking around an underground garage to steal key data from ctOS guards
Sneaking in to Take the Key Data

I needed to steal some key data to help the crew setup some remote magic on the car. The waypoint sent me to an underground garage where a few guards were waiting for me inside. I used the net hack to get into the cameras inside room where they were keeping the key data in a case. The room was filled with hackable traps and 2 ctOS vans.

By this time, I had unlocked the hacking ability to move cars remotely. I used that to run over 2 of the guards, then used the other traps to take out the rest. After that, it was just a quick snatch of the case and mission was over.

Making the DedSec Cyber Driver Trailer

Watch Dogs 2 Marcus and Wrench watching the remote controlled Cyber Driver car launched through the movie billboard
Crashing the Cyber Driver Car Thru the Billboard

I made my way back to the DedSec garage and cue the cutscene. The cutscene shows a montage of the crew working on the car. Once the car was fully upgraded, it was time to head outside and start making our trailer. The car was now fully remote and had DedSec decals everywhere, so time to drive (via touchpad).

The crew had setup some stunts for me to drive thru while I evaded the police. This included crashing through some police barricades and jumping off a wooden ramp onto docks. At the end of the course, I crashed the car thru a billboard for the Cyber Driver movie.

During end of mission cutscene, the news went crazy and the DedSec follower count went way up. It ended with the creepy man bun guy that bumps into Marcus at the very beginning during the beach party. He was taking a call that included talk about using militia to hunt the hackers. Until next time.

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