Taking Down Watch Dogs 2 New Dawn Cult

This play session the mission was to take down a scientology like cult in Watch Dogs 2 New Dawn. Jimmy Siska, the star of Cyber Driver that was the main theme of last session is basically their Tom Cruise. We end up working together to take down the fake church. Spoilers ahead.

Protest at New Dawn Church

Watch Dogs 2 New Dawn protest by DedSec followers no the steps of the church
Protest at New Dawn Church

The mission started out with a cutscene explaining our hard work in creating the cyber driver recruitment video (back when I remote controlled the KITT like car) was ruined by New Dawn church. They took down our video from social media and they threatened to sue anyone that shows it. They did this because their boy, Jimmy Siska, was used in the video.

Our DedSec crew called out to our followers to protest their nearest Watch Dogs 2 New Dawn recruitment center. We were going to use the distraction to break in and steal the dirt they have on Jimmy Siska (like how Scientology MUST have something on Tom Cruise).

At the protest, I loved their chant “Buy Enlightenment, it only Cost Your Life Savings” just like how many see Scientology. I snuck to the left side of the building and found a vent to get my jumper drone in.

I had to wait for a guard to pass before I could move the drone through the first room and onto the vent on the other side of it. I used that to snake into the main room to hack the laptop with the key data for the door locks. With key hacked, I snuck my drone up the stairs and found some bookshelves to hide it behind.

With the guards patrolling and 1 circling the router I need to plug into, I start using hackable items in the room to distract and shock guards. This pulled them to the far corner of the room, so my drone could zoom over to the router and plug in. With my drone plugged in, the game told me I was out of range, so now I had to physically sneak in.

With all the guards distracted to the top floor, I Snuck myself in and hid downstairs below where my drone was plugged in upstairs. Using cover, I had to cut line of sight with the guards coming back down the stairs. It took about a minute for the download to complete while avoiding the guards, then I just needed to escape. Slipping out the front near the protesters made it easy to get out.

Emergency Audit for Jimmy Siska

Watch Dogs 2 New Dawn Marcus auditing Jimmy Siska
Audit of Jimmy Siska by Marcus

Now the crew came up with a plan based on the info we hacked. Jimmy Siska is in trouble with the church due to the doubts he has shared about their mission. They were planning an emergency audit session with him. Our plan was to take the place of auditor and get more info from Jimmy Siska.

Marcus called the auditor and posed as Jimmy Siska, using diarrehea as an excuse to reschedule. Now with him out of the way, it was time to interview Jimmy Siska. I just had to meet up with Gool to get some authentic looking Watch Dogs 2 New Dawn clothes.

With the clothes in hand, a cutscene of the interview plays. It starts with Jimmy opening up the door to let the auditor (Marcus) in and they get right into talking about the doubts he is having with the church. Marcus pressed harder to get the whole truth and Siska points out there’s a place called the Red Room. It’s a place they send church members that are having issues with their commitment to the church. Sometimes they don’t comeback from there for a long time or not at all.

The Red Room

Watch Dogs 2 Jimmy Siska leaving the red room which has a red wall with a golden new dawn logo on the wall
Jimmy Siska Escaping New Dawn’s Red Room

With the new information in tow, Marcus contacts an old family friend, Miranda Comay to get a possible location on where the Red Room could be. She is a city councilwomen who has been butting heads with New Dawn for awhile. They had leaked info about her gender reassignment surgeries, so they basically hate each other. She texts him an address to meet.

At the address, a cutscene plays for the 2 to discuss where Marcus should look next. The mission was to steal the registry of occupants, so I went to the location she gave to me. I found a good spot to hide right outside of the gate to that compound. Using the jumper bot, I snuck around/distracted guards out of my way. There was a wood/stone gazebo that I made my way to to get key data and money.

I found the house where the router with the registry info was and hooked in with my jumper. Come to find out, they were holding Jimmy Sisk at this so called Red Room. Using another mix of hide and distract with the jumper, I made my way to the room where they were holding him and released him using the jumper drone. He took off and all I had to do was recall my drone before leaving the area.

Fake Temple Artifacts

Watch Dogs 2 New Dawn 4 sacred tablets in the basement with a red new dawn logo in the back
Gazing at the New Dawn Sacred Tablets

Happy with his rescue, Jimmy Siska agrees to meet near the facility where they hold the church original relics. He is willing to help burn the church down, figuratively. When meeting with him, he lets me the know the building nearby has a lift that takes you down to a basement where the ancient tablets that the church says were left by the “visitor” (think Xenu from scientology or something) are. The impression he gave is that its bs like the rest of the church.

I stole a dirt bike to jump the hills over to the facility. Once I was there, I used the cameras to scout out the area. There were 2 guards in my way to get into where the elevator was, but I had to get key data first. That was located on the other side of the compound above the garage. I snuck my way over to that building and knocked out the guard in there, then hacked the terminal.

At this point, I had the key to get into the main building, but first I used the jumper drone to go down the vent to the garage to open the garage (I was planning on stealing one of those nice cars for my getaway) and grab cash.

I used some hacking distraction to move guards out of my way to the main building. I then snuck in and up the stairs to the terminal. Once I hacked in, it opened up the pipe style puzzle for unlocking the circuit to the elevator. Half I was able to to unlock from upstairs, but the 2nd half required me to go down near the elevator entrance. I did this all while the guards had just found one of their counterparts knocked out and started searching for me.

I hid behind the desk to complete the puzzle and activated the elevator. That took me down to the “sacred” sumerian tablets. Each tablet had a little display recording that would give you some history about that tablet. Not longer after listening to one, a cutscene plays showing Marcus narrating a future video for DedSec showing the tablet, but then he accidentally knocked one over and it broke to reveal its like paper mache. I loved how it was a nice rip on groups like Scientology. This led to a new DedSec video showing the truth to the people with a special confessional from Jimmy Siska confirming evil ways of Watch Dogs 2 New Dawn.

Next time I’ll try out the graffiti mission that Sitara sent to me upon completion of the above.

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