Talmberg Under Siege in Kingdom Come Deliverance

After last game’s failed night raid, we were given no choice but to lay siege to Talmberg. Preparations began right away. Some spoilers ahead.

Task Master

Kingdom Come Deliverance Henry talking to Master Feyfar about finding Konrad Kyeser
Master Feyfar Asking Me to Help Find Konrad Kyeser

Master Feyfar – needed help building a trebuchet to knock down the gate at Talmberg. He let me know he need some engineering help which triggers the Rocketeer side quest I will get into later.

Captain Robard – wanted me to get pitch from the charcoal burners to help with constructing the trebuchet. An earlier side mission let me help one of the charcoal burners, so his people helped me out with the pitch for a cheap price. I just had to pop over to the quartermaster to get him to go fetch the pitch I bought.

Captain Bernard – was next on my list and he asked for a potion to help keep his men awake. I knew the herbalist nearby and my alchemy skill was high enough to know this would be a pretty simple task for me. She let me know she would brew me a bunch for help I gave her earlier, but I had to gather some of the ingredients.

Naturally, her herb garden did not have enough, so I had to visit other herbalists I knew to get enough. Once I gave her what she needed, she told me to come back in a few days to pick up the potions. I did and handed them over to Bernard to keep those troops awake.

Sir Divish – he asked me to fetch a priest and a physician to help with the many injured soldiers we had now and would have even more of later. I was able to gather my favorite drinking buddy priest, Father Goodwin. For the physician, I convince Brother Nicodemus from the Sasau Monastery to come help. He owed me a favor for helping tend to injured people in his infirmary and for the donation I convinced rich lords to make.

Quartermaster – he wanted plenty of meat for the soldiers and beer. I went to nearby butchers and bought everything I could to complete that part of the mission, I skipped the beer. Didn’t want drunk soldiers.


Kingdom Come Deliverance speaking with Konrad Kyeser in the custodian's house
Speaking with Siege Master Konrad Kyeser

Tobias Feyfar asked me to help find Master siege machine builder, Konrad Kyeser, who was helping with the Sasau Monastery construction project. Feyfar was tasked with building the trebuchet, but he is strictly a mining engineer.

I went to Sasau to search for where Konrad was hold up and the first person was able to point me to the custodian’s house. The guard there didn’t hassle me much since I helped him out with an artifact quest and my speech stat was high. He gave me the key after our talk and I spoke with Master Kyeser.

Although he was excited by my proposal to help build the trebuchet, he was bound by a contract with Master Builder Karel.

Hustling Master Builder Karel

Kingdom Come Deliverance Master Karel waiting for a dice game
Ready to Hustle Master Karel at Dice

Konrad suggested that I steal the contract so we can forge a leave of absence. Buying off Karel was not a likely option, BUT I was given a hint that Karel relies on the money to pay wages. If he were to lose them, then he might be open to a bribe. This left a lot of options for me: steal the contract to go with the forging option, pickpocket wages, knock him out to steal the wages OR win them in dice.

My dice skills were on point and I had loaded dice, so I was very happy to go with this option. I found Karel at the inn and conned him into a game. He was promptly destroyed by me and stressed about how he would pay wages. I offered to give the wages back in return for Konrad’s freedom from the contract.

Upon returning to Konrad to give him the good news, he was freaking out about an old friend he believed was there to kill him and he was too scared to leave. He believed he saw him sneaking around the house near midnight.

Catching Baron Peychar Snooping

Kingdom Come Deliverance Watching Baron Peychar snoop around the custiodian's house
Caught Baron Peychar Snooping at the Custodian’s House

I asked around about Baron Peychar and was told by everyone that he was a stand up guy. When I talked to him directly, he said he was there on merchant business that was private and meant no harm to Konrad, as they were friends.

Even though I was thinking Konrad was just paranoid, I hid in the bushes outside of the house at midnight. I caught Peychar snooping at the door and confronted him. He said he was only there due to business with the custodian and was there to settle a dispute. He claimed he didn’t know Konrad was there. I took him at his word and let him go.

The next day I passed the info onto Konrad and he finally agreed to go build that trebuchet. Come to find out, I was wrong and Peychar DID want to kill him. When Konrad first made it to camp, I caught Peychar trying to stab him. I quickly killed him, but Konrad didn’t want to talk to me very much after words. He was not happy I almost got him killed. Next time we get closer to building that trebuchet.

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