The Battlefield 6 Teaser Nailed It

I’ve played every Battlefield since 1942 was at the end of the name. The idea that the Battlefield 6 teaser was set in a near future was exciting. A teaser is not gameplay, but wow their marketing video really hit all the marks for me. It also confirmed the real name is Battlefield 2042 and will release on October 15th, 2021 (psst that’s this year).

Battlefield 2042 Reveal Trailer

Huge Battlefield 6 Maps Beg for Vehicle Use

Battlefield 2042 osprey lighting flares at a missile trailing it while it flies over a large canyon with observatory on it
Osprey Flying Over the Huge Map

By now, it’s widely known that Battlefield 6 (for now that’s shorter than 2042) has the largest maps in the series. The beginning of the trailer wastes no time to show off the wingsuit. I can’t wait to fly around the large maps dodging obstacles and gunfire.

What really sucked me into the original game was the vehicles, so I’m excited they are a must with the large maps in Battlefield 6. I hope people use the vehicles for transporting other people and not just themselves. The Osprey in the trailer displays the large scale of the maps that I hope translates to the gameplay.

The fighting through a central park area surrounded by sky scrapers looks interesting. I loved Siege of Shangai, so hopefully the new map is a worthy replacement. Battlefield 6 will already have a leg up with inevitable fun of flying off skyscrapers with the wingsuit.

The New Generation of Battlefield Levolution

Battlefield 6 tornado in city map sucking up soldiers and vehicles
Tornado in the City Looks Fun

One of the best additions to past battlefield games was the levolution system. A huge set piece like a skyscraper collapsing was a sight to see and changed the map layout for more variety. In Siege of Shanghai, it was always useful to take out the support beams of the skyscraper and collapse it beneath a team dominating the top floor.

It looks like Battlefield 2042 is going bigger and bolder with levolution. The trailer provides the first glimpse of this with a large section is torn off the side of a container ship, crushing anything beneath it. I’m sure there’s also the added benefit of providing easy access to the interior. Explosions around the giant containers might also get interesting.

I’m looking forward to see what type of surprise the Antarctica map has in store for Battlefield 6 levolution. It’s great to see the hovercraft cruising over the ice while snow APCs give chase. The ice map looks like fun. When the trailer cut over to the rocket launch, I’m also curious to see how wrong that sequence can go.

What appears to be a sandstorm on the Battlefield 6 Dubai map could make the helicopter gameplay very interesting. I was always terrible with jets, but racked up plenty of kills with the helicopters. I look forward to a sandstorm developing and using that as cover to fly in to attack, then disappear into the storm.

The real icing on the cake was the tornado in the city. I’d love to see gameplay with vehicles and parts of building swirling around. The little motorized rickshaw trying to outrun the tornado was comical, but the guy using the wingsuit to fly out of the tornado was epic.

Fan Service with a Nod to Battlefield Trick Shots

Battlefield 2042 jet trick shot with guy ejected holding a rocket launcher aimed at an enemy jet in the clouds
Jet Rocket Launcher Trick Shot

Bravo to the DICE marketing team for their nod to the Battlefield trick shot videos that went viral in previous games. It starts things off with a soldier launching his ATV off the side of a building into a helicopter. That is one I’m lucky enough to have seen a similar thing happen in game. The one I saw was a little more explosive because the engineer launching the ATV strapped C4 to it.

The best part of the Battlefield 6 trailer was the impossible jet rocket launcher shot. Many veteran players were surprised to see the setup of the classic jet trick shot. Two jets dog fighting through the clouds, when one pull up hard and the pilot ejects. While outside of the plane, the pilot uses his rocket launcher to fire a shot at the passing enemy jet.

All that boom and then the pilot even reenters his plane before flying away. It is, hands down, the most epic part of the trailer. The tornado at the end was a great exclamation point, but everyone talks about the plane trick shot. Now we shall see how many try that in game.

The Battlefield 6 reveal trailer was fantastic, but I’m even more excited about the first look at gameplay on Sunday.

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  1. Yeah, the graphic looks awesome but the buildings tho😂 a bit weird when there’s a war and tornado but the buildings still functioning well. This is what we want but in reality, it’s prob just gonna be people sliding around corners as medics with SMGs healing only themselves

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