VicTsing Silent Gaming Mouse

I made the mistake of starting Valheim on top of all the other games I’m trying to play. To find more gaming time, I want to stream (via Steam remote play anywhere) to my laptop, but I needed a silent gaming mouse. Using a touchpad for gaming is a no go and the clicks are super loud.

VicTsing 2.4G Slim Wireless Mouse

To avoid waking up my sleeping wife with the loud clicks, I found and ordered the VicTsing 2.4G slim wireless silent gaming mouse with nano receiver.

I wanted a gaming mouse that is wireless, inexpensive and with near silent clicks. The VicTsing wireless mouse seamed to check all those boxes with that added bonus that it could be here the next day.

When I received it, I thought I was missing the receiver at first. After opening the battery compartment, the receiver was sitting in its own little compartment in there. That’s great for those that want to use it for several devices without losing it.

How Silent is the the New Gaming Mouse

The plug and play features were perfect and worked right after connecting the receiver. The mouse clicks are super quiet. Clicking like crazy makes little to no noise.

There was one exception from being a completely silent gaming mouse, the middle mouse button. Scrolling with the mouse is quiet, but clicking that middle button is as loud as any other normal mouse.

Not a big deal for most users and for most of Valheim, but I have a habit of needing to remove parts of the house and furniture. That requires multiple middle mouse clicks.

I did find it was easy for me to just map deconstruct to the left Alt key right next to were my thumb hovers. That not so silent gaming mouse middle button problem solved.

Luckily, fighting and chopping down trees only requires the left and right mouse buttons. I can click away without fear of making much of a sound at all.

Overall I’m very happy with the performance of the near silent gaming mouse. Now if I could just find more time to play.

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