Wanderer VR Time Travel Greatness

After wrapping up Death Stranding, I was fully committed to fixing the timeline of Wanderer VR. The second half of the game did not disappoint. Minor bugs with interactions or movement aside, it is an amazing game that clocked in just under 10 hours for me. That’s right, a VR game with proper length.

Fixing the Wanderer VR Timeline

Wanderer VR German rocket engine experiment inside a mansion
German Rocket Experiment

As I unraveled more of the story through solving the various puzzles, I started to fix the breaks in the timeline. Each Wanderer VR historic area I visited included 2 different areas, accessible with different time totems (things like coins, plungers, etc.).

I loved witnessing the effects my past fixes had on the future locations. Even the Boston apartment in the future (central hub of the game) changed completely. I won’t ruin how, but that surprise put a smile on my face. It was a complete overhaul. In some ways for the better and other ways worse. Visually, it was all good. The bad I can’t mention without spoiling it.

On my timeline fixing adventures, I played with new toys. The radio controlled car I found early on is important. It’s not just a toy, but a puzzle solving tool. The same with a Super Soaker knockoff I found in the second half.

There’s so much nostalgia in the Wanderer VR apartment and other locations, but those items are also useful for puzzle solving. It was a joy to bring a modern gun back in time for an unfair advantage.

One of my favorite missions was fixing the hydroelectric power station. It involved escaping a flood, fixing a leak, balancing pressures, another set of fuse puzzles and fixing coils on a busted generator. The latter part was a whole set of maintenance related puzzles and I loved it. The other payoff for all that work was helping Tesla complete his experiment.

Some of the other highlights included playing drums at Woodstock, defusing a bomb in the past, protecting WW2 rocket plans, planting a flag on the moon and more. The drums at Woodstock was a rhythm game which I hate, so the highlight was getting past it.

Defusing the bomb was an interesting mix of tools from several time periods while the timer literally counts down to boom. Planting a flag on the moon was special Wanderer VR moment. I felt like that put an exclamation point on my timeline fixes.

In Time Travel, the End is the Beginning

Wanderer VR walking on the moon with another astronaut
Walking on the Moon

Onward to the Wanderer VR ending. As fixes in the past caught up to the future, my assembly of the special time device neared completion. That’s when an unexpected visitor popped by with a twist. When I finally finished and turned on the time device, it was another surprise that tied back to the past.

Not too long after that surprise, I reached the credits. They are well designed and it was obvious there was more to the story after the credits. It’s was great way to “encourage” players to sit through all the credits of the hardworking team that made the game possible.

After the final credit rolled, more story there was. I won’t spoil it, but the information gathered at the very end added another twist to everything. The possibilities for a sequel or DLC is exciting. There are some messy interactions and traversal points, but the game is amazing, even with these faults.

It’s a must play VR game and any sequel or DLC is an instant preorder for me. That’s some of the highest praise I provide. Check out Wanderer VR for yourself and thank me later.

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