Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Settlement

My last Assassin’s Creed Valhalla play session, I wrapped up the Soma traitor missions and decided to work on my settlement this time. I racked up a ton of resources that I used to accelerate my settlement expansion.

Raiding for my AC Valhalla Settlement

AC Valhalla Viking with an axe in his head talking to Eivor
Man with an Axe in His Head

Although I had plenty of supplies, I decided to raid a few monasteries for extra. Each raid location has a power suggestion (difficulty), so I stuck with the easy stuff. I figured I could build up multiple parts of the settlement before I jumped back into the main story.

Unlocking and Using Assassin Abilities in Valhalla

The raids were even easier this time with my upgrades and advanced abilities. I especially liked the ability I had to throw 2 axes at each enemy around me in mini cutscene.

Using these abilities take up an adrenaline and are unlocked by finding books of knowledge. One of those I found during a raid. Which I’ll have to find upgrades for in the skill tree.

Axe in the Head and Crazy Religous Nuts

In between my raids, I checked out some of the mystery locations on the map (light blue dots). I definitely ran into some weird ones. First there was the guy with an axe in his head from a battle. Removing it sent him to Valhalla (he died).

I also met a monk who begged me to take all his things, kill his cattle and burn his house. He claimed his faith was so strong that he would endure these tests, until I got to his locked room.

He was already hovering around me, but he got really mad when I found all the bodies in his locked room. That’s when he attacked and I had to send him to meet his god. Turns out he was a serial killer.

After taking out the first religious nut, I ran into a crazy nun. She killed all the Vikings in the ruined church as a blood offering. The ritual was supposedly to stop me. That’s what she said, at least, before attacking me.

Expanding the AC Valhalla Settlement

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Hidden Ones Bureau built up in the settlement
Opening the Hidden Ones Bureau

Back at the settlement, I began putting my resources to good use. Sometimes it’s nice to slowdown and build up for easier later missions.

Assassin’s Hidden Ones Bureau in my Settlement

First up, I built out the Assassin’s Creed Hidden Ones bureau in the settlement for my assassin friend, Hytham. This would be used to track my kills and take steps closer to taking out higher level members of the Order of the Ancients.

Basically, it was a place for my kill list for this game’s version of the Templars. Hytham thanked me for the help by talking me on a small boat ride across the river.

After a short climb, he taught me the Assassin’s Creed classic leap of faith ritual overlooking the settlement. I like when the game teaches you about a game mechanic with a mini-story.


I knew there would be fighting ahead, so I figured it would be good to hit the barracks in the Valhalla settlement next. This enabled the ability to choose a second in command, which I’m not completely sure the purpose of yet, besides a minor online component.

Other people’s Jomsvikings, as they are called, become available at the docks as possible recruits for my longboat crew. The customization they do gives them a very unique look and I think they get some tribute points, or something for successful recruitments.


Every good Viking needs good mead, so this was the next obvious choice. Unlocking this also clues me into the benefits of throwing a feast. It apparently offers your crew a combat buff for a duration of time. I have not tried that part out just yet.


Building the bakery out increased the benefit for any feasts I hold in the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla settlement. It also took me on a small mission with the baker. He asked me to take him to the grain farmer via boat.

When we met the farmer, he seemed really surprised to see the baker. I have a feeling that will play out later. For now, we just returned with the supplies.

Trading Post

I wanted to be able to buy/sell supplies from my settlement, so I upgraded the trading post next. After it was built up, I was going to talk to the trader, but a horn sounded. Someone was arriving at the settlement and I realized it was time to stop for now.

Next time in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, I’ll find out who showed up at the docks. I’m sure that will lead to another set of missions.

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