AC Valhalla Finding Soma’s Traitor

My last play session, I was investigating who Soma’s traitor was in AC Valhalla. This time I found out who it was and it was fun investigating along the way. Asking around gave me more clues and all the pieces I need to be confident in who was going to get killed.

Finding Proof of Soma’s Traitor

Asking Soma’s People About the Traitor

After reporting what I found working with Soma’s advisors, I chose to look around for more clues. That involved talking to people around the settlement and looking around each advisor’s hut. The people around the settlement let me know that:

  • Birna was drinking with everyone during the Saxon attack
  • Lif was working on boats
  • No one saw Galinn
  • People saw someone running from the shoreline during the attack

Rummaging through the advisor’s huts and then speaking with them, I found that:

Is Birna Soma’s Traitor?

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Birna talking to Eivor
Birna Talking to Eivor
  • Had a crazy love letter
  • Her bags were packed
  • She would have left already if she were Soma’s traitor, which made sense, unless she wanted to do more damage
  • The witnesses to her drinking and fighting made her alibi stronger

Is Lif Soma’s Traitor?

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Lif talking to Eivor
Lif Talking to Eivor
  • Had yellow paint, but one of the two containers he ordered was stolen
  • I found his stolen paint at the shore earlier
  • There was a note openly questioning Soma’s decisions
  • He was always upfront about those concerns
  • It’s possible he was lying about the paint, but he was working on ships before fighting in the attack

Is Galinn Soma’s Traitor?

AC Valhalla Galinn standing at a post after killing the prisoner
Galinn After Killing the Prisoner
  • I found a crazy note about his visions and saw how obsessed with them he was
  • His words were a little more damning
  • He admitted to being the one meditating on the shore and therefore had the best chance of helping the attackers out of the 3
  • It was suspicious how quickly he killed the captive Wigmund soldier before he could tell us more than just the location of Wigmund

Finding the Yellow Longboat of Soma’s Traitor

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Odin's sight of the  yellow painted longboat with a recreation of what happened
Odin’s Sight of the Longboat Wreck

Galinn was even higher on my list a that point, but I needed to find that yellow painted boat. I did just that. After sailing to the swamp, I used my Raven to recon the area quicker than I could sail.

When I found the boat, Eivor figured out that its crew were attacked by bandits. They retreated to nearby land. That path led me to the same area where I rescued Galinn from the wolves.

From the yellow paint marked secret tunnel, to the yellow painted boat, then ending with area I found Galinn, I confirmed he was the traitor.

Confronting the Traitor with Soma

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Soma confronting Galinn the traitor
Soma Confronting the Traitor Galinn

Now the interesting part was letting Soma know who the traitor was. She did not tell me she would kill the traitor, but these are Vikings and it is obvious what would happen.

There was a cutscene that let the whole reveal play out and she simply cut him open. No fight necessary, but I did read there would be an extra fight had I chosen the wrong advisor.

With Galinn dead and the Wigmund soldier revealing the hideout location for us, our next mission was to take out Wigmund.

Finally Taking Down Wigmund

AC Valhalla Eivor and Odin confronting Wigmund in the spirit world
Confronting Wigmund with Odin

With AC Valhalla Soma’s traitor dealth with, we all met up on the Isle of Ely to plan our assault. My Raven gave me some intel on a tunnel I would use to sneak into the heart of the monastery there. A frontal assault was possible, but I was planning on cutting their heart out.

Soma and I were able to kill most guards in the lower levels before using the disguise to blend in. A nice casual walk led us right to where Wigmund was hiding and complaining about the failure of the traitor he bought.

Once inside his hiding spot, cover blown and the fighting really started. With only two entrances to the area we were in, soldiers could not surround us and we made quick work of Wigmund.

Soma actually took him out, but I used a blade to “check” and trigger the death cutscene with Odin. Each one of these bigger kills will be part of the Order of the Ancients (aka Templars). Taking them down will be the main aim of the game.

After our big kill, we had to clear out the remaining soldiers and had little trouble with our big numbers. Soma thanked me for my help and Birna pledged to join my crew. This explained her packed bags. Her plan was to leave Soma and the heartbreak she felt.

I completed the alliance. AC Valhalla Soma’s traitor got killed. Wigmund was dead and I need only to report back to Randvi. Building the Soma alliance was a fun mission. I collected a ton of supplies and wealth. Since I need to head back to check in next Assassin’s Creed Valhalla playthrough, I’ll spend time upgrading the settlement.

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