Baldur’s Gate 3 Resisting the Urge to Play

I’m reaching the end of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey finally and the DLCs I plan right after. The big problem now is what comes after those DLCs? The big elephant in the room is a sure fire GOTY contender, Baldur’s Gate 3. Early impressions are that it’s polished and that it raises the bar for all RPGs to be compared to.

The masses of Youtube videos peak my interest even more with the fun interactions. Add to that the fact that it’s Steam Deck verified now, the reasons for me wanting to play it now keep stacking up.

It seems this game is a true anomaly.

Just seeing how many people gush over the game and how the choices truly matter is enticing. As I write this, the Metacritic score stands at 97.

Metacritic Baldur's Gate 3 score page

Now that score could fall as more Baldur’s Gate 3 reviews drop, but the reason for the delay is just another reason I want to play. This game is so massive that the majority of the bigger review sites admitted it could take them a week or two more to complete the review.

Which is really an expert move by Larian Studios to not hand review copies out without enough time to truly review by launch. It adds to the whole, “there’s nothing like this game” talk. What would be crazy is if the score stays where it’s at or goes any higher. Like Elden Ring did for Action RPGs last year, this is set to redefine the genre of turned based RPGs.

Time is the True Enemy for Baldur’s Gate 3

There’s zero doubt I’ll play Baldur’s Gate 3 this year, but when? Finishing AC Odyssey could take me until mid-month, but BG3 is likely going to require more than 3 weeks for me. I shouldn’t have to tell anyone why that only leaves 3 weeks. Starfield will encompass the rest of my September.

On top of that, I even shelved Zelda TotK for later this year, but when will I have time to play even that now? I still have not played Elden Ring I bought during the last Steam sale. There’s a lot more in my backlog than those, but I almost don’t see enough playtime for just those the rest of this year.

The only saving grace I have for time this year are those I can play via Steam Deck. Between my wife falling asleep wanting to watch some movie or series or various appointments, its adds like 20 to 30 percent extra time for play. Just picking up and playing PC games won’t ever get old for me.

It’s great to have so many great games waiting to be played, but time a bigger enemy than any game boss. Good luck to all of you trying to cram Baldur’s Gate 3 in before Starfield drops.

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