Tackling AC Odyssey Main and Side Missions

After playing through the first hours Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, I dug into the side missions, while trying out some of the AC Odyssey main story. As I mentioned last time, there are way too many side missions, but some are real gems. This time around I found more of those great missions worth playing through.

There’s so Many AC Odyssey Side Quests and Content

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Alkibiades and Barnabas talking to Kassandra

At this point in my game, I’m about 56 hours in and realize there still so much more game. About half of the side missions I’ve been through are not really worth the time. Problem is, the other half contains real gems. There’s no way to know which are the really good ones, so I’ll play through them all.

I’m strictly sticking to the story side missions and staying far away from the randomized content. There’s still plenty of filler there, but definitely plenty of diamonds in the rough. I’ve especially enjoyed meeting and completing quests for historical figures.

Interesting Historical Characters Style

Sokrates, for example, started as an annoying character, but he grew on me. His philosophical speak rolled my eyes, but it all started to make sense later on. He seemed to show up in so many places with a new philosophical mission choice for me. One that really sticks out is my choice to save a rebel from torture and execution.

His only crime was killing guards trying to kill him, so easy choice to save him. Unfortunately, it turns out he’s an extremist that had me regretting my decision to free him soon after. I feel like Sokrates (yeah spelled that way in game) took sick satisfaction in presenting these no good choice type decisions. Still, I learned to enjoy his company throughout his missions

There were also sets of missions for Perikles, famous Athenian politician, and Hippokrates, “the Father of Medicine”. Nothing like completing interesting missions related to interesting historical figures. And it was no surprise Perikles sent me plenty of shady political errands.

Hippokrates, meanwhile, sent me on medicine related missions. There’s even a bit where he sent me for nightshade to develop a treatment for a suffering man. The man begged to die, so it was my choice to give him the right amount or too much to fulfill his wish. I chose to treat him instead of kill him. Not a huge main story changing decisions, but it was still my choice.

Alkibiades surprised me a lot as a character. The first run in with him he was drunk with a goat and a women. He sent me on plenty of seemingly random and unrelated tasks. I thought he was just a party guy with weird requests, but it turns out he’s very clever. There was actually a plan behind all those weird tasks. I’m curious to see what’s next with him.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Greek Mythology Adventures

AC Odyssey Minotaur

Farther into all my playtime, I ran into an island dedicated to the mythical minotaur. So many of the residents were basically running a tourist trap. Robbing tourists and selling special minotaur trinkets like snake oil salesman. I spent plenty of time there exposing them and tracking down the “real minotaur” or was it another illusion?

There was even a stretch of missions to find Barnabas’s wife that he saw, still alive, in a dream. He sent me in search of mythical sirens and a cyclops from his vision, only to find reality was just weird, normal people. In the end, I traveled many far away Greek isles only to find a daughter he never knew he had. That stretch was a great example of special missions.

Before I sat down to write this, I rounded out the enjoyable Eppie questline. He presented me with a small adventure worthy of Indiana Jones. Had me exploring ancient tombs, sunken treasure and Stele pieces to unlock ancient secrets. The end reward for the questline was a strong/impressive looking set of armor, but the real reward was the adventure getting to that point.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is really shaping up to be my new favorite of the series. I’m about to embark on a questline to search for Kassandra’s mother, which will no doubt lead me to Sparta. There’s a ton to do in this game, but I’m still looking forward to playing more.

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