Finding Kingdom Come Deliverance Fort Vranik

After capturing Pious on last play through, it was time to fill in Sir Radzig about my mission. It was time to find Kingdom Come Deliverance Fort Vranik. Spoilers ahead.

Reporting to Sir Radzig

After reporting my progress to Sir Hanush and Sir Radzig, they gave me the go ahead to meet with the crimps and infiltrate their group’s hideout. Sir Radzig was very hesitant for me to go and this mission let me find out exactly why.

Checking in with Crimps

I rode over to the crimps camp near the monastery and set the fire they had instructed me to signal them. They snuck up on me sleeping, but they kept their cool enough to allow me to tell them I killed Pious (lie). The asked for proof so I told them he was found with money that they wanted me to hand over (which was really my own).

They fell for the fake murder scene we put on at the monastery. As proof that I was now accepted into their group, they gave me a special die and told me where their fort was.

Going to Kingdom Come Deliverance Fort Vranik

Kingdom Come Deliverance meeting with Erik in the main house with ornate rugs
Meeting with Erik in Charge of Fort Vranik

Once I found the fort, I rode around to get a look at how intimidating it was. Using the die I was given by the crimps, I was able to enter the fort and was told where to find the leader, Erik. First, I made sure to scout the camp and saw there were dozens of them and an interior fort.

With my scouting over with, I met with Erik at the main house. He wanted me to test my skill with the combat master (Vanyek). I found the guy and realized he was the same one that taught me my first sword fighting lessons in the very beginning. My skill was high enough at this point that I whooped him easily.

Captured and Tortured

Kingdom Come Deliverance cut scene showing henry tortured by Toth
Henry Capture and Tortured

Upon my return to Erik, I found he had a visitor,  Istvan Toth, who I met at the beginning of the game and he recognized me right away. This led to my capture and torture.

He is the invisible hand that has been pushing raids and he filled me on a little twist, Sir Radzig is actually my father, hence his hesitance to let me go on this mission. They admitted they would keep me alive for ransom. No surprise this would lead to an escape mission, but I was ready with my stealth and most other stats high.

Escape from Vranik

Kingdom Come Deliverance Vranik Escape Route
Vranik Escape Route

They made the classic mistake of leaving me with 1 guard, a guard who also was responsible for leading the bandits to jump me in the beginning of the game. His name was Zbyshek . Lucky for me he decided he wanted to help in exchange for money to disappear and a good word to my father, Sir Radzig, so as not to hang. I agreed to his terms.

He headed out first and told me not to try to get my stuff, but there’s no way I’m leaving it. I snuck outside and knocked out the first guard I found. Checked him for lock picks. I already knew the chest with my stuff would be locked. Had to kill 2 more guards before I got what I needed.

I took my stuff back and headed for the outer perimeter of the fort. My helper let me know there was a section of the fort where they dump their shit and I sort of snuck my way over that wall. I forgot it was not good to put my armor on trying to sneak and basically ran out of their for my life with them chasing. The trees saved me and I met up with Zbyshek and agreed to keep our deal.

We made our way back to Rattay and reported everything we found out, including a “Hey Dad” to Sir Radzig. I made sure my savior was rewarded and let go to keep our deal. Next time we form our plan to attack that fort.

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