Kingdom Come Deliverance Monastery

Last time, I ended up reloading a save due to accidentally guessing the identity of Pious (the monk in hiding) early on, which would have ended my time at the Kingdom Come Deliverance monastery prematurely. There is definitely a lot of content in the monastery that you likely don’t want to miss. My character Henry is now known as Novice Gregor. Spoilers ahead.

Getting Side Tracked with Side Quests

After my Kingdom Come Deliverance monastery tour, I talked with some of the monks and novices about what is going on in the monastery and with them. This led to a few tasks and a whole lot of info for me:

  • Brother Librarian wants me to find missing pages to a sacred book scattered through the monastery.
  • Brother Cellarius is the man to see for things like lock picks (there is more than likely some breaking and entering to be done while I’m there). I didn’t bother with him since I had the Monastery key from a previous mission and found a lock pick at the altar.
  • Novice Siskin told me about a secret stash that he has and that he hides the Necronomicon there (although that’s a bit bugged since I already stole that for a previous Kingdom Come Deliverance Monastery mission).
  • Novice Antonius is hard working, but doesn’t pray much. Due to my accident I mention in the beginning, I already know he’s the one I’m looking for.
  • Novice Lucas is creepy and doesn’t seem to know anything about anyone or himself.
  • Novice Jodok is a brown noser 100%.
  • If you don’t follow your duties, go where you shouldn’t or steal, then you end up getting locked up in seclusion for a while.
  • The Abbot is old with 2 monks already scheming to replace him: Nevlas and John.
  • Circators are like the police and will find you if you do something wrong.

Before heading to bed that first night, I snooped around a bit. I found that Siskin likes to sneak off to the library to read in peace and the Circators sneak to the basement to drink wine. 

Drinking with the Circators 

Kingdom come deliverance monastery basement
Monastery Basement Catching Monks Drinking

Having caught them sinning in the basement, they asked that I not say anything about it and join them for a drink instead. I joined and even played some dice. They gave me a task to get more wine by asking Jodok the next day (I knew he was a brown noser). 

With yet another side mission added to my list, I went up to the dormitory. Right before bed, I read the daily labors book I was given to check the schedule for the next day.

Daily Labors Schedule

Kingdom Come Deliverance book of daily labors
Book of Daily Labors
  • 4 am Morning prayers
  • 6 am Common Meal
  • 8 am Work in Fratery with Borther Nevlas
  • 12 pm Work in Library
  • 4 pm Afternoon worship
  • 6 pm Common Supper
  • 7 pm Free Time
  • 9pm Curfew

The daily schedule was weird, but not so bad to keep when you know how to use the time skip properly.

Fratery with Brother Nevlas

Kingdom Come Deliverance Fratery with Brother Nevlas
Fratery with Brother Nevlas

During my conversation with Nevlas, he lets me know he wants to cure the ailing Abbot, but the book needed is locked in the forbidden books. I agreed to help since I picked up that key in a side quest awhile back.

He also wanted me to let him know about any wrongdoing in the monastery, which is ironic when he asked me to steal a book. As part of my daily duties, he had me brew a couple of potions at the alchemy bench which was easy for me at this point. Another time skip and it was time for the library.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Monastery Work in Library

Kingdome come deliverance Librarian Scribe Table
Librarian Scribe Table

I already picked up the mission to find missing pages, which I had a few of at this point found scattered in the different rooms. The only thing left to do here was my daily chores which consisted of looking at a Latin book and trying to choose the chat option that closely resembles it.

Once you have picked 3 that leads to a cut scene of Henry pretending to be a scribe. Handing in the work to the Librarian always seems to end with him chastising you for being horrible. After that I just use the time skip to afternoon prayers.

Prayers and Meals After

Once I got to the assigned location for each, I would just use time skip to get to the next part of the schedule which led me to free time. No cutscenes or things to miss from what I’ve read doing this.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Monastery Free Time

Kingdom Come Deliverance walking the halls of the monastery
Free Time in the Monastery

Each day you go through the schedule to avoid either getting thrown out of the monastery or put into confinement by the circators. You jump through these schedule hoops to get to free time where you actually get things done for the side quests. 

That first day of free time, I used to find more of the missing pages. After getting to 7 and having visited all the rooms, I caved into looking for where the last 3 were online. I mostly wanted to confirm whether they were in chests or out in the open. They were in chests after all, so I got those later in the night.

I talked to Jodok about getting more wine for the circators and he instructed me to meet him at night with either lock picks or the Kingdom Come Deliverance Monastery keys in the garden. We also need to get wine from the outside to not raise suspicion. At this point, I already had the monastery key AND lock picks so I was good.

Had a quick chat with Lucas who finally told me something … he’s being bullied by the drinking monks I had to get the wine for. I offered to help hoping he would tell me something other than the nothing he had been.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Monastery Curfew

Once everyone heads to bed, I made my way back to the library to steal the book needed to find a cure for the Abbot. The short version is that I found it on the left hand side of the locked forbidden books cabinet.

In the longer version, I actually did this after a few days thinking I screwed up the mission, having stole books in a previous side mission and selling off what I didn’t need. I even snuck out of the monastery to check where I stored my stuff only to realize I just didn’t look hard enough in the cabinet that first time.

The final page of the book being in the Abbot’s chamber (again I already had keys), I stumbled on his notes about each of the Kingdom Come Deliverance Monastery novices.

  • Lucas – the creepy guy turned out to be a sodomite (go ahead look that up if you don’t know what it is, just not at work please)
  • Antonius – the abbot doubts his claims about his passed life and this was more official proof to me he is Pious.
  • Jodok – is a brown noser now, but in his passed life it seems he was a sexual assaulter.
  • Siskin – has a rich father that bought his way in at great expense, so he gets away with more.
  • Gregor (me/Henry well technically me as Karl) –  a drinker, a womanizer and he knocked up the daughter of a lord, so great choice on who to go undercover as.

Sneaking out to Steal Wine

Now that I had more info to help me find Pious the proper way (instead of my guessing in that Kingdom Come Deliverance monastery first play through), I went to meet Jodok to get the wine. Once we met, it was out the monastery door I already unlocked. Not wanting to wait for his slow walk, I ran to the custodians basement and snatched the wine, then dodged some guards on my way back.

After that, I went straight back to the brothers drinking in the monastery basement and attempted to give the wine. They busted me for breaking into places I shouldn’t be in the monastery from earlier and placed me in solitary confinement. It advances time like 18 hours and then I was able to finally give them the wine.

Once I got credit for bringing them wine, I convinced them to stop bullying Lucas and then gave them info on Nevlas asking me to steal the book. The only time left was to sleep.

Escaping Kingdom Come Deliverance Monastery with Pious

Kingdom Come Deliverance Escaping with Pious
Escaping with Pious

I used time right before morning prayers to complete out the side quests I had left. Gave the medicine book to Nevlas to cure the abbot and told him about all the bad goings on in the monastery. Let Lucas know no more bullying. Finished off by telling Antonius why I was there and I know he was Pious.

We agreed to help each other out and escape the Kingdom Come Deliverance monastery together. I just need to get the keys (already had them) and sneak into the kitchen to add blood to the kitchen list. Plan was to use the blood to make it look like Pious was killed and dragged out of the monastery.

I snuck into the kitchen while everyone was busy and changed the list. I time skipped/slept my way to the next day and scooped up the blood from the kitchen. Ran my way to Antonius to let him know I was ready.

We met after prayers and started with the plan. The cut scene shows us dumping the blood onto the church floor. We then smudged the blood to give the appearance a body was dragged out. Lastly, we escaped out the back door.

He thanked me for the help, but he got pretty upset when I told him I was taking him to prison for his part in the Neuhoff massacre. The poor guy tried to fist fight me and I obliterated him since my level was so high due to knocking out side missions first.

Interesting Alternatives

If you let the wrong person at the Kingdom Come Deliverance monastery know about your search for Pious you can end up getting kicked out of the Monastery by the Prior or poisoned at supper. The latter is a bit interesting because you can survive it and Antonius actually feels bad you almost died, then reveals who he is.

Getting the keys – you could pick pocket the prior, find them laying in the kitchen, sneak in to the prior’s room and steal them (knock him out first is an option here) or even pay brother Cellarius to get them for you.

At the end, I could have let Antonius go or killed him. It won’t change the main story, but it’s great to have these choices. I chose the prison option, so next play I’ll fill in Sir Radzig on what went down.

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