Luigi’s Mansion 3 Coop Play Session

I convinced the kid (well he’s 19) to play Luigi’s Mansion 3 Coop this time around and we found the puzzles were a bit more difficult than either of us expected. We both said aloud “this is supposed to be a kids game” while checking google for tips once or twice.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Coop

Luigi's Mansion 3 coop vacuuming ghosts with gooigi at his back in Luigis mansion 3
Luigi and Gooigi Teaming Up

When I started the game, the original plan was to play Luigi’s Mansion 3 coop with my wife and then the kid could fill in sometimes. The first problem was it takes a bit of playing with Luigi before you can unlock Gooigi (first missions for the professor).

Once I got to that point I was able to go into the menu to choose coop. The wife played for a while and at least pretended to have some fun, but I realized the kid would be my only help to finish the game.

Gooigi has different strengths and weakness compared to luigi which helps keep Luigi’s Mansion 3 coop interesting. He is made of goo, so he can easily fit through bars and grates. Water will dissolve him, so Luigi has to be used in case it gets wet.

There are some puzzles that require both characters to combine their strengths or separate to handle different parts of the same puzzle. It’s also a nice little touch that you can knock each other over with the vacuum pack jump or shoot plungers at each other’s head.

Movie Studio

Luigis mansion 3 movie set with 4 tvs and a ghost director
Movie Set TV Area with Ghost Director

We started our play session on the Movie Studio floor. The main part of the level has a ghost director surrounded by 4 TVs. Each, we found, connected to specific room at that floor once activated in that room. The director was complaining about missing his megaphone, a hint hint of what we have to look for.

Luigi's Mansion 3 coop spooky movie set with tv, camera and directors chair
Taking the Bucket through the TV Portal

Horror set – we made our way to the first room and used the flashlight to activate the TV set there. Most of the room was blue screen with a few tree props and a well. I (as Luigi) got behind the camera and it showed Gooigi with the rest of the spooky scene filled in.

My son walked up to the well and activated the cut scene which had a grudge looking long black haired women bursting out of the well. These splits were made easier when playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 coop. We didn’t see much else to do, so we walked through the TV poltergeist style to get back to the TVs in the main room. I think we also fought some ghosts at some point in that room.

Luigis mansion 3 castle movie set with beanstalk
Castle Set After We Got the Beanstalk to Grow

Castle set – moving on to the next room, there was a castle turret with a blue screen behind. We went through similar steps to activate the TV, got behind the camera and watched Gooigi in the movie scene.

This time it was a castle siege with boulders flying over the wall and torch catching a tapestry on fire. There’s a start of a bean stalk, but nothing to do with it at first. We go back through the TV.

Luigis mansion 3 spide web and cardboard box movie set
Spider Web Set with the Cardboard Intact and Red Megaphone Stuck

Spider web set – In the next room, there’s a giant cardboard box with spiderwebs holding that red megaphone we are looking for. Of course you can’t just open the box, so time to go in front of the video camera again and use Luigi’s Mansion 3 coop.

Once the video scene queues up, you are able to open the box using you plunger/vacuum combo and a large spider comes jumping out. After messing around trying to find a way to knock the megaphone out of the web, we got a tip that we had to burn it down. Realizing what we need was not already in the room, we went to the last room.

Luigis mansion 3 burning city street movie set
The City Set on Fires with Ghost Firemen

City set – The last room has brick buildings in front of the blue screen. Getting behind the camera reveals burning buildings and ghost fire fighters. My son fought off the ghost firemen that showed up. We knew where to get the fire from now, but were not sure how to get it there.

Solving the puzzle

Luigis mansion 3 spooky movie set with well and mansion in background
Horror Set Full Scene Behind the Camera

Once we figured out we needed fire, we searched for what we could use to carry it. We remembered that there was a torch at the castle, but we had no water for the beanstalk there. Remembering the well, we realized we needed something like a bucket.

We happened to find one in the main studio room, then brought that to the well. After dropping it in, we activated the camera to the grudge like prop to fetch it out of the well. I had my son/Gooigi take it from the grudge prop, then we went to the castle.

Luigis mansion 3 Castle Movie Set ready to climb beanstalk
Castle with the Beanstalk Fully Grown

After watering the beanstalk, it grew, but a ghost siege started. Using Luigi’s Mansion 3 coop teamwork, he fought off the invaders and finally climbed the beanstalk to claim the torch. Of course it was not lit at this point, but we knew where to get fire. We made our way through the TV screens to get back to the city set.

Luigis mansion 3 getting fire from the city movie set
Gooigi Getting Fire from the Burning Building

After getting behind the camera again, Gooigi nabbed some fire from the burning building and we headed back to the spider web set. We were FINALLY able to burn down the web to grab the megaphone.

In hindsight the solution seems obvious, but at the time it seemed like a whole lot of steps for a kid’s game.

Giant Luigi vs Ghost in Kaiju Costume

Luigi's Mansion 3 coop mini city movie set with kaiju fighting luigi and gooigi
Luigi and Gooigi Joining Forces to Fight the Ghost Kaiju

Once we gave the megaphone to the sobbing ghost director, a cut scene played where Luigi was escorted to a small city set with the camera placed to make Luigi look like a giant. At that point, a ghost wearing a Kaiju costume busts onto the set … Godzilla style boss fight. Time for a Luigi’s Mansion 3 coop fight.

The disguised ghost would knock down buildings and breath fireballs at you. Whether he or the fireballs hit you, it did a ton of damage. It was just me on my own as Luigi, so my health was low when I finally figured out you need to use the vacuum reverse function to blow the fire balls at the Kaiju.

After a few direct hits, the ghost kaiju would blow the balls back at me and it was too strong for me to do anything other than get out of the way. Within a few minutes of this, I was presented with a hint that my vacuum was not strong enough to do this on my own and the ghost director said bring in the supporting cast. Queue more Luigi’s Mansion 3 coop play.

Up to this point, my son and I had no idea we could summon Gooigi to help. With that help, we were easily able to blow the fire ball back a the ghost with our combined vacuum power. After this, we easily defeated the ghost and got the next elevator button from the director … or so we thought. A ghost cat snatched the button and ran off with it.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Damn Cat

Luigis mansion 3 purple ghost cat stealing elevator floor button
Ghost Cat Stealing the Elevator Floor Button

After the cat stole the elevator button, we had to use our black lights to find the little devil cat’s paw prints. We tracked it down to the city set and used the black light to reveal it.

Luigis mansion 3 city movie set with giant ghost cat ready to pounce on Luigi
The Big Ghost Cat Trying to Pounce on Luigi on the City Set

Once uncovered, the cat turns into a catlike monster that will try to pounce on you, but only when you back is turned. We had to wait for it to sneak up on our backs and attempt to pounce before we could flash it with the strobe light. Luigi’s Mansion 3 coop made the waiting a bit harder. We could then use the fling attack with the vacuum, but after getting it down 1 health point, it escapes.

Luigis mansion 3 chasing ghost cat up rafters on movie set
Chasing the Ghost Cat up the Rafters on the Movie Set

We followed it into the main movie set room. Once uncovered, it kept running around the rafters. I found a lift to put Luigi on and my son used Gooigi’s vacuum to activate it. Once I flashed the cat with the strobe on the rafters, it’s was time to play the game of letting the cat almost pounce on us. This time it escaped through the floor. It took us way too much Luigi’s Mansion 3 coop time to figure out we had to go down a floor to reveal the cat.

Luigis mansion 3 giant ghost cat ready to pounce
The Big Cat Came Out When we Turn the Tub Water On

We made our way down to the plant floor and tracked the cat up the stairs on that floor. We revealed him one last time by turning on the faucet (using the vacuum to turn the valve) of the tub the cat was hiding in.

We played the Luigi’s Mansion 3 coop cat and mouse game one more time before the cat finally gave up the key. We got it, but the cat got away and it was a little pain that will likely be back.

We thought that was a good place to stop. Until the next Luigi’s Mansion 3 coop play session.

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