The Kingdom Come: Deliverance Monastery

Missions in KCD often have multiple paths to completion and often lead to picking up several side missions. I’ll get to a perfect example as I make my way to the Kingdom Come: Deliverance monastery. Some spoilers ahead.

Finishing the Pribyslavitz Settlement

Kingdom Come Deliverance Pribyslavitz church fully rebuilt
Finished Renovating the Pribyslavitz Church

As part of the Royal Edition I upgraded to, all the DLC is included. The From the Ashes DLC charges you with rebuilding the settlement. I had started it before starting this blog. I’ve already finished missions to gather supplies and build many of the money making shops to fund further development.

This time around, I just finished the church renovations to complete the task given to me by Sir Divish. It was a fun addition to the main game to build a new settlement from the ground up.

Finding the Crimps

Kingdom Come Deliverance meeting with the crimps in the sasau church
Meeting with the Crimps at Sasau Church

With the settlement finished and no other side missions left for now (I like to complete those first), I moved back on to the main story. I went back to Sasau to interrogate one of the former members of the group to see how to get in with the group. He was more than willing to help considering I saved his life at the makeshift infirmary near the Kingdom Come: Deliverance monastery in an earlier side mission.

I followed his instructions to go to the Sasau church to pray. This triggered a cutscene where I was confronted by the group. I was able to convince them I wanted to join and assigned me a test task to kill 1 of their former members hiding in the monastery. They also let me know there was a young man drinking at the tavern who was having one last bender before becoming a monk. He was to be my in.

Scamming my way into the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Monastery

Kingdom Come Deliverance talking with Karl the future monk
Convince Karl to let me Take His Place as a Monk

I made my way to the tavern to meet the future monk, Karl. Talking with him, I found out he knocked up a noble’s daughter and was being forced into the brotherhood as punishment. I offered to take his place, but he let me know I need to get rid of his guardian. I don’t remember him being to specific, so I wonder if killing the guardian would have been fine with him

Instead of murder, I challenged the guardian to some drinking and dice. After beating him in a single round (my loaded dice FTW), he got too drunk and went to bed. Now Karl was willing to help me with my mission to become a monk. He informed me that he was willing to run away if I got Manfred’s purse and that the guardian also had a letter on him to give access to the Monastery.

Kingdom Come Deliverance sneaking up to guardian Manfred to steal stuff
Using Stealth to Knock Out and Steal from Guardian Manfred

My stealth was already high at this point, so I snuck into their room and robbed the items from drunk sleeper Manfred. With the purse and letter in tow, I gave Karl half the purse. There was a minor bit of complaining from him, but I saved him from a monk’s life and didn’t want to hear it. The Crimps did mention there was also a secret passage to get into the Monastery, but I chose this path to go in undercover.

Before heading to the Kingdom Come: Deliverance monastery, I stopped off in Rattay to let Henry’s lord, Sir Radzig, know about the murder the crimps wanted me to commit in the monastery. He ordered me to take on the mission, but arrest Pious instead of killing him.

Undercover in Monk Robes

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Sasau monastery church prayers
Daily Prayers are Required, but There is a Time Skip Mechanic

I made my way back to the Kingdom Come: Deliverance monastery and showed off my papers. After bit of conversation faking to be Karl, I got the go ahead to enter, but first had to rid myself of all worldly possessions and put on the monk robe.

Putting my things away lost me everything except my key to the monastery I had lifted back when I needed a forbidden book to solve a haunting situation from a previous side mission (it was one of those elaborate ones). I would later find out this basically gave me access to all my stuff, because I could get sneak out of the monastery when needed and visit that chest.

KCD monastery singing for the prior as an undercover monk
Faking my way Through the Entrance Ceremony

The cutscene that followed showed of one off the most ornate buildings in the game and went through an awkward sequence of Henry trying to fake his way through singing verses. After which I got to talk with one of the novices who gave me a book of duties to read and then me a tour of the monastery.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Monastery Gets Complicated

Sometimes missions in this game are simple. Go to a place and perform an action. Then there are a bunch of other mission like the one I’m now on that get more complicated…

After my tour of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance monastery, I started talking to the Novices to find out which of them might be Pious. I accidentally told one of them why I was really there and then correctly accused them of being Pious. We had started to hatch a plan to leave and I realized I probably just took a shortcut through the whole monastery experience. I reloaded a save to not jump the gun this time.

I was definitely right about possibly missing out, because I picked up (within the next 15 minutes) missions related to: a possible abbot election, finding who is sneaking booze in the basement, finding pages to a sacred book, finding a cure for the ailing abbot and I can tell there’s more. The Kingdom Come: Deliverance monastery was definitely fun.

Picking up so many side missions is usually where I have to stop, so until next time …

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