Luigi’s Manson 3 Gameplay Quickie

I’ll always be a PC gamer, but Nintendo really nails the fun factor especially with Luigi’s Manson 3 gameplay. You can always play both PC/Switch, but time is an issue.

Playing mostly games like Witcher 3 and FPS PC games, I thought this game looked lame. A game where Luigi uses a flashlight to stun ghosts, then suck them up with a vacuum. I wondered how the hell this would be a game I would like.

There were so many great Luigi’s Manson 3 gameplay reviews and it has coop, so I figured it was worth trying. Well wow, what a great game. It’s a ridiculous premise for a game to play as an adult, but it’s so much fun and polished.

Luigi's Manson 3 Gameplay Luigi Arriving at the Haunted Hotel in Luigi's Mansion 3
Luigi Arriving at the Haunted Hotel

Luigi’s Manson 3 Gameplay Favorite Parts

  • Animations are amazing – the expressions on Luigi’s face, Googi’s oozing around, the transitions between animations are perfect. It’s so smooth, funny and looks so good.
  • Sound effects – I don’t really like how most switch games don’t have voice overs for most conversations, but the sound effects in this game make me forget it.
  • Controls – they are simple, but there is plenty of complexity to keep Luigi’s Manson 3 gameplay interesting: vacuum in, blow vacuum out, jump, run/walk depending on pressure, switch between characters, launch plunger, black light and flash light (holding charges for stronger flash).
  • Puzzles – for what looks like a kids game, some of the puzzles had me stumped for a bit. For example, you might have to launch a plunger and suck it up with a vacuum, then switch to Gooigi to do the same thing to get double the pulling power.

Beyond those things, Luigi’s Manson 3 gameplay just has a great “feel” to it that is hard to truly put into words. Pretty sure its a Switch owners must have game. Next time I’ll check in with some gameplay sessions.

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