More Watch Dogs Legion Special Operatives

Last time I started playing Legion and this time I was determined to continue the Watch Dogs Legion special operatives recruitment process. I usually try to knock out side missions before really going full force with the main campaign. I figure I won’t miss any side missions that might become unavailable later and the upgrades/skills I acquire help make the main story go smoother.

More Watch Dogs Legion Special Operatives

Each borrow has uprising mission that raise the uprising level up until you unlock the main mission to put the borough in complete uprising. The are fun side missions and each unlocks a Watch Dogs Legion special operative that has better skills than you find on most of the street recruits. You can get a better idea of who you can recruit from Ubisoft’s official site.


Watch Dogs hitman profile showing the skills and other recruits
The Hitman Channeling that Inner John Wick

After clearing out the uprising missions in the hitman’s area, it unlocked a mission to free some resistance fighters from an underground black site. It required me to sneak past some guards to get to an elevator to the facility.

Once in that facility, it required me to hack a news drone to use the light on it to navigate the dark platforms to get to where the cells where. It was fun to move the drone into a place where the light could shine on my path ahead, then switch back to move along the path. I did wonder why I couldn’t just use the light on my phone (maybe I could have?).

After I freed the prisoners, the fireworks went off in the borough and the uprising started. This led to a female hitman joining the team. She looked like a female John Wick. She had great skills: physically fit (takes less damage), a combat roll (evasive dodge), Gunkata (instant gun take downs), desert eagle pistol and an assault rifle.

I used her to complete some uprising missions to try to unlock the next Watch Dogs Legion special operative. The combination of the combat roll and gunkata made her a mirror image of John Wick style action. It was fun to see the fancy double tap shots with the gun that might start with a MMA throw and end with surgical shots to the heart/head. The variety of operatives like this make the game amazing.

Football Hooligan

Watch Dogs legion female football hooligan profile with drunken skills
The Football Hooligan Has Fun Drunken Skills

Ever since the trailers for recruiting everyone came out for Watch Dogs Legion, I knew I wanted a football hooligan in my crew. Nothing like a loud, drunk and aggressive brawler.

After using the hitman to unlock the main borough uprising mission here, I was tasked with hacking a modified chase drone to take out hit squads that Albion was sending out to squash the uprising. I enjoyed using the drone to zip around the city and shoot the designated equipment at each location. It was a run and gun mission, but all using a drone.

Once that was over and the hooligan was unlocked, I was not disappointed by the skills. My football hooligan had the following skills: get drunk, tough drunk (take less damage when drunk), rally cry (call a few other hooligans to help fight) and KO Punch for faster knock outs.

I used her (every special operative can be male or femal) to complete a few more uprising missions. It was finally time to test out all those skills, so it was fitting one of them basically led to a bar fight. It was fun to have her drunk and brawling with fellow football hooligans, easily knocking out the gang members at the location. She even had a great headbutt move. It was great.

Getaway Driver

Legion getaway driver profile showing off the driver skills
Getting the Getaway Driver

With the main uprising mission unlocked, I was tasked with racing a fast car around the borough to distract Albion from citizens that were going to steal their supplies. It was a pretty easy drive with some nice jumps here and there. The only snag I hit was when I thought I could jump over the double decker buses and found that I couldn’t.

At the end of the race, the borough lit the fireworks across the bridge and the getaway driver joined my crew and my Watch Dogs Legion special operatives were coming together nicely. He had some great skills I will use if there’s a mission requiring extended time in the car. Those skills include: can call fast personal vehicle, anti chase drone (I have not run into these, but my son explained they are super annoying), crowbar as a melee weapon and the clear the way hack.

I was just about done playing at this point, but I tested the car out and loved the clear the way hack. For a short time, it automatically hacks vehicles in your way and steers them out of your way. I’m looking forward to a future street chase mission to put that skill through it’s paces.

Watch Dogs Legion Special Operatives Tech

In the process of finishing many of those Watch Dog Legion Special Operatives missions, I grabbed more of the tech resource used to unlock other hacking hardware or skills. The tech is sometimes in hard to reach places (cargo drone is super helpful) or small hacking puzzles (spider drone helps a lot in those cases). You can spend your time gathering those to buy all the skills your heart desires, but I prefer to get some as I go along to balance things out.

Attact Hack

Watch dogs list of tech hacks with the attract hack highlighted
Acquiring the Attract Hack

One of my favorite things in Watch Dogs 2 was to attract enemy to traps I had set, so this was a must have for me. You can arm a trap and then use this hack to have some type of sound effect play at the trap location. This works the same whether the traps shocks or blows up the enemy.

Watch Dogs Legion special operatives that need to avoid too much gunplay make great use of this to distract/disable. Most of you operatives are not bullet sponges, so you can’t expect to run and gun unless they have special skills to avoid dying quick.

Watch Dogs Legion Special Operatives Riot Drone Shutdown

Riot drone hacks list in the tech menu
Getting Ready to Hack Riot Drones

By default, you cannot hack the riot drones and my original construction worker operative got killed by one during a failed break in. The think has some pretty mean guns. I wanted to make sure I unlocked this to allow me to shutdown the drone for a short time. Hopefully no other riot drones will kills any of my operatives.

Next time I’m going to continue unlocking special operatives like these, while starting uprisings in every borough. The chaos will be fun.

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