More Watch Dogs Legion Recruiting Fun

During my last play session, I was working my way through Watch Dogs Legion recruiting of special operators. This time around I planned on finishing the uprising missions in each borough to recruit the last of the special operators.

Finishing Watch Dogs Legion Recruiting of Special Operators


Anarchist recruit on team page showing of skills
Anarchist Recruit

The uprising mission that unlocked for this borough required disrupting the Albion Operations server and I was warned security would be tight. I decided to try out the prestige hacker that I got by default (think it was a Uplay+ thing). My plan was to hack my way through security and avoid a fire fight.

I was able to use drone hacks and the spider bot to shut down security, but I failed to get the elevator to the server room open. It, unfortunately, required me to physically go to the elevator. All the guards caught my operative and she was gunned down before she had time to open the door.

With permadeath on, it was sad to lose a powerful operative. Watch Dogs Legion recruiting of these specials requires finding them and usually an extra mission before you can even start their recruitment mission. With that in mind I decided on some revenge. That’s where the hitman came in. I was able to cruise to the elevator without much resistance by doing my best John Wick impression.

Once at the server room, it was a fun bit of controlling a maintenance drone through a maze of cooling pipes and maintenance tunnels. At the end of the maze, there was a battery for the drone to pick up and drop it off into the server core. This zapped the whole thing. After that, I was happy I just had to walk to the elevator to finish and not have to go back through all the security. The borough was now in uprising and the recruit was mine.

The Anarchist that joined the team at the end had the following skills: smoke grenade, spiked bat, bandana (gas immunity) and mouth guard to take less melee damage. This didn’t seem very useful to me right now, but I have a feeling it will help when enemies start gassing my operatives.

Drone Expert

Watch Dogs Legion drone expert on team page
Drone Expert

After unlocking the Lambeth Borough uprising mission, I found out the goal was to hack a counter terrorism drone and liberate the Millennium Eye. It had mounted machine guns and homing missiles. It was fitting that I had to use the drone to blow some stuff up in order to recruit the drone expert.

After destroying the equipment I was required to, I had to hack the eye and wait for the progress to finish, while fending off attacks from other drones. Once the time ran out, the drone expert joined the team.

The drone export had useful skill including: summon a shock drone (zap enemies), betray drone hack (turn drones on enemies), drone dive bomb and fast hacking. It was also interesting that she always had a AR display across her face to remind you they were a super geek.

Watching Dogs Legion Recruiting Beekeeper

Beekeeper recruit on team page
Watch Dogs Beekeeper Recruit

The borough uprising mission to unlock this operator sent me to penthouse suite. While a bunch of rich people were having a party, I was busy hacking my way through the security up there. I was able to hack into the realignment center network (I was sent to look into a reeducation center).

Through the surveillance camera feed I was given, I was able to hack around the different rooms to see the different forms of torture people had to endure. There were things like a sound proof room, room of TVs with Albion propaganda and a room filled with just speakers. Each location allowed me to gather evidence of the mind games Albion was playing with these people. That evidence allowed me to put the borough in uprising and gain this next recruit.

Once unlocked, I tried out the Beekeeper’s skills: bee swarm (attack enemies with robotic bees), overcharger (explodes the bees), anti-shock suit and light sentence (if arrested). Those bees were fun to use on gang members at range and up close. Up close it would stun the enemy enough where I can perform a takedown. The beekeeper wasn’t likely to blend in with the crazy looking anti-shock suit.

More Watch Dogs Legion Tech Unlocked

AR Shroud

Watch Dogs AR Shroud tech upgrade
AR Shroud Hack

This became super helpful in Watch Dogs Legion recruiting missions. It allows you to cloak bodies of people you kill or knock out to avoid alarms from people finding these bodies. It’s a definite must have hack to stealth your way through.

Skin Mesh

Watch Dogs Legion Skin Mesh on tech page

With permadeath on and losing another operative this play session, I wanted to give my people an extra chance to survive. The extra damage resistance would be a big benefit in those tight situations where being able to take an extra bullet or 2 can avoid losing an important team member.

Turret hack

Watch Dogs Turret Hack on tech page
Turret Hacks

At this point in the game, I started running into more turrets during missions. I can usually hack something to block the line of sight to the guns or use the AR cloak, but I knew there was going to be a tight spot in the future that might make this helpful. This also took me 1 step closer from being able to turn the turrets against their owners.

With all the boroughs in uprising and Watch Dogs Legion recruiting of special operatives finished, I’m set to start hitting the main missions hard next play session.

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