Moss VR is a Fantastic Game

Just about every top VR game list has Moss VR in it. I was skeptical of the game. It was a mix of puzzler/platformer with a Pixar graphic style that seemed great for kids, but I’m more of a hardcore gamer. The fact it was sit down only turned me off a bit.

It was added to the Viveport Infinity library (think Netflix for Virtual Reality games). I already had a subscription, so no extra cost to try it. Finally, I jumped in. In less than five minutes, I was in love with this game.

Setting the Tone for Moss VR

Moss VR inside the gothic library looking at the ornate Moss book with other books stacked and candles lit
Opening the Moss Book in VR

I started out in what appeared to be a gothic library sitting at a desk, as Moss VR set the stage. There was an ornate book with Moss as the title in front of me. Candles were lit behind the book.

Turning the pages of the book triggered the narrator and the story to continue. Parts of the page were static like a normal illustration, while other parts would animate to help tell the story. It was well done and I had the glimmer of feeling like a kid again.

The narrator filled me in on the story of a winged creature that killed the mouse King. A serpent army then ravaged his castle in search of the magical glass, his source of his power.

Sprite and a mouse champions joined forces to seal the entrance to a clearing their kingdoms retreated to. The glass that was the center of power for the mice in Moss VR, was lost in the forest. The mouse champion died from injuries and a tree grew in his place, protecting the glass.

That’s the quick version and basic Pixar movie type stuff, but big points for the artistic style of half animated half illustrated book setup.

Now it was time to get into the actual game.

Meeting our Mouse Protagonist, Quill

Moss's Quill standing on the edge of a wooden dock in the woods looking up at the reader
Quill Meeting me, the Reader

After a bright white flash, I was no longer looking at the Moss book. I was overlooking a forest scene, instead. In came Quill, our hero mouse. It was perfectly animated. The simple act of it taking off its backpack and twirling its tail was cute. The graphics are perfectly done.

Quill found the aforementioned glass shard of power and was instantly able to see me, the reader. Moss VR put a big smile on my face when I saw her shocked at the sight me. She then appeared very inquisitive of why I was there.

She only makes mouse sounds, but the narrator would speak for her at times. Most of the time you can tell what she is trying to say by the combination of mouse sounds and gestures she makes. The excellent animations makes it pretty easy to follow and had me grinning like an idiot.

Working Together with Quill

Moss VR Quill on stairs waiting for the reader to open the large wooden gate with the blue orbs
Open the Door for Quill

In Moss VR, I had control over moving Quill around the scene. That included jumping, climbing, swinging her sword and interacting with switches. All movements are fluid and have such charm. Quill can’t do everything on her own, so we needed to work together.

Each of my hands had a blue orb that I could use to raise platforms, open large doors, move large black, raise stair cases, etc.. Using that ability with control of the Quill’s movements gave me the tools to solve simple platforming puzzles.

Solving those initial puzzles led me to the house of Quill’s uncle. Going through that door sent me back to the library to see/hear more of the story. Her uncle knew what the glass Quill had was for.

He immediately left wearing his mouse armor to talk to some people. Before leaving, he made Quill promise to stay in the house, but no surprise that won’t stick.

I can’t wait to play Moss VR again. It made me feel the type of joy only a kid could. This isn’t just a game, it’s art. It is a game every virtual reality headset owner should play. If you don’t have a headset, you are running out of excuses to not get one.

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