Moss VR Twilight Garden DLC

Last go around, I gave my first impression of the great Moss VR game. As I played more, I realized my version of the game included Moss VR’s Twilight Garden DLC. It was a fun addition to the base game. I also realized the simple puzzles were getting harder.

Harder Puzzles, Especially in Twilight Garden

Moss VR Quill activating a switch to move an enemy across a platform in the mining tunnel level
Guiding an Enemy in a Multi-step Puzzle

Last play session, the most difficult puzzle I had to deal with were combining the movement of Quill, while using the reader powers to move large pieces. Now things require many more steps.

I’ve run into puzzles where I use one hand to guide a an enemy beetle onto a button, while I move Quill onto another. Other puzzles required me to activate switches in a particular order. Platforming puzzles deeper in, required raising and lower platforms, while being shot at.

The one that really got me was where I didn’t realize I needed to take control of a special enemy with a gun for an arm to shoot a switch. I’m pretty sure that was in the twilight garden section, too.

Besides the usual satisfaction of solving a puzzle, Quill gave me an extra reward with a special celebration. She puts her hand up for a high five, which I obliged, then twirled around before requesting another. After that second high five, she did a different dance before one last high five.

The Art Gets Even Better

Moss VR Quill sleeping on the sandy beach next to a camp fire with a winged statue in the sand behind him and castle in the background
Quill Sleeping at the Beach

During my travels the art got even better. The dark forest scenes gave way to a Mayan-like temple with mouse statues keeping watch. A real wow moment came when I left the forest on a wooden raft bound for the sandy shores. There was a great view of the castle.

That beach was simple, but so well done. A giant buried statue that served as shelter for Quill, so she could sleep in front of a camp fire. Watching the little mouse sleep is a special moment and people that disagree with me have to be monsters.

The bright greens and ornate red flowers I ran into during the Moss VR twilight garden DLC portion looked really good. I loved the look of the moving platforms, falling leaves and the moving branches. Moving in and out of the portals were great visuals.

It was a nice touch to get sent back to the library at the end of each chapter. I was staring at the Moss book to literally turn the page to the next part of the story. It was a great way to mask the loading screen for new levels.

Portal to Moss VR Twilight Garden DLC

Moss VR Quill acquiring the magical sword that hovers over his head with a chest behind him in the twilight garden
Quill Getting the Magical Sword

Along my travels, I found green portals that led to the twilight garden DLC area. There were three portals total that each unlock a different portion of the garden.

Opening each section does also require the help of a giant toad. Rubbing the toad’s head led to it giving me a fist bump. On a side note, rubbing the mouse’s ear leads to it itching the ear like it was tickled.

Each of the three sections of the garden had increasingly difficult puzzles, but with good rewards. After solving all the puzzles in each twilight garden section, I was gifted with special mouse armor and a magical sword.

The sword was charged by holding the attack button and Quill would stick the sword in the air. I then used the trigger with my blue orb hand (reader’s magic) to charge it. Swinging it after it’s charged unleashes a bolt of blue magic. Useful for hitting enemies or charging switches at a distance.

The DLC culminated in a boss fight that required the use of all the skills learned before and during the DLC. It was harder than anything that came before, but still fun.

With the weekend approaching, I plan on finishing Moss VR. The twilight garden DLC was a fun extra bit, but it is too bad there’s not other DLC waiting for me. The game is quickly reaching the end of the journy.

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