Racing Style Gaming Chair Upgrade

For years, I sat in a typical leather racing style gaming chair. After age led to creaking and less back support, time for an upgrade. My Amazon searches led me to the GTRacing fabric racing style gaming chair with footrest. I’m super happy with the upgrade and highly recommend this chair or any with similar style.

Moving on From my Old Gaming Chair

My old gaming chair next to by desktop with all my sim gear on display

My previous gaming chair was considered racing style, but really was just a hybrid office chair. It was that typical knockoff leather type too. When the chair was new, it looked great. Over the years, wear, tear and cats, led to punctures and cracks in the surface. The itching and poking of my skin was a minor annoyance, though.

One of the real deal breakers was the squeaking. Leaning back a bit or shifting position results in squeaks. Spraying the joints with lubricants didn’t work. Loosening and retightening bolts didn’t work. There’s a certain point where time spent trying to fix this problem costs more than just buying a new chair.

I hit that point and just in time for father’s day. New chairs are great, but even better that I didn’t have to pay for.

Choosing the GTRacing Racing Style Gaming Chair

Checking out Amazon, there’s a ton of different gaming chairs. There’s quite a few that obviously come from the same factory with only very minor differences and variance in price. This was my father’s day present, so I wanted to keep the price down with 2 main requirements. First, I wanted fabric. No more fake leather. Second, I wanted great back support.

Unlike most of my Amazon browsing sessions, I found my new chair in a just a few minutes. The GTRacing gaming chair fit both of my requirements and the price was only $130 at that time. Grey Nylon fabric covered the chair. For back support, there’s a wide range of angles to adjust the back rest. It also includes both a neck rest and lumbar support pillow.

I sent that link onto my wife and waited on delivery.

This Gaming Chair Leans all the way Back

GTRacing gaming chair leaned all the way back like a dentist chair

Once my father’s day package arrived, I started putting it together. Construction was pretty standard for any office chair I’ve ever put together. Installing the footrest and pillows was an extra little bit, but still simple. The fabric felt even better than I hoped, but sitting on it was the true magic moment.

This chair has crazy recline ability. It will stand up a bit past 90 degrees for great back support even when leaning a bit forward. It also reclines all the way back like a dentist’s chair. I guess with the footrest out I could nap on the thing. Not sure I need it to go that far back, but it can.

The headrest pillow is a literal game changer when I place it right under my head (guess making it a neck pillow). Never realized what I was missing without one on my old chair. That lumbar support pillow is also a nice touch. Both pillows are surprisingly secure with the buck straps keeping them in place.

Fantastic Racing Style Gaming Chair with only Nitpicky Complaints

The only minor complaints I have are with the arm rests and the footrest. Those arm rests are adjustable up and down, but have a bit of a wobble due to the adjustment feature. I’m not sure if I can tighten that, but it’s definitely not a deal breaker.

The footrest issue is even less of a nag since it only applies to extending or retracting it. Either motion requires manually flipping the rest up or down and it has a definite wobble when doing so. A tighter pivot would be nice, but an automatic pivot would be better. I prefer my feet on the floor, so in real world use, I likely won’t notice.

No surprise I have zero regrets about choosing the GTRacing fabric gaming chair with footrest as my father’s day gift. It feels like such a great upgrade. Now the main problems I have is fighting the cats for time on that seat. They definitely approve of the fabric and the comfort. Fingers crossed they don’t start scratching it.

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