Upgraded to a Razer Naga X Mouse

After running into problems with boosting in Rocket League, I narrowed the problem down to my existing mouse. The left mouse button mapped to boost failed or the mechanical switch was faulty. My search for a new mouse ended with the Razer Naga X mouse. I’m very happy with the purchase and the performance.

Rocket League Left Mouse Button Problem

During recent Rocket League play sessions, I noticed my boost was inconsistent. It started after recent a patch, so I hoped it was a simple software issue. After extensive testing, the problem was my Logitech G604 left mouse button switch. Sometimes when pressed and held the middle of the button, it failed to register consistently.

The problem was super annoying. I looked like a moron when my boost cut out mid air and I whiffed easy shots. Sometime there was no boost at all. I needed a new mouse and my warranty ran out just days before. Time to buy another one, unfortunately.

Choosing the Razer Naga X Mouse

Razer Naga X mouse top down view with green RGB lights on the many buttons
Razer Naga X Mouse Top Down View

After two years with my Logitech G604, it was an obvious choice to replace my mouse with the same model. The muscle memory is there, but the two year lifespan for the mechanical switch is concerning. It was 100% wireless and I wanted a guaranteed connection going forward. I also wanted additional buttons.

I’ve stuck with Logitech for a long time, but their newer mice did not have enough buttons for me. My right hand is dominant, so the more important buttons at my thumb tip, the better. Logitech does sell an older MMO inspired mouse, the Logitech G700. There were a ton of buttons and it is corded. Unfortunately, the delivery date was farther than I wanted.

While searching for the G700 on Amazon, the Razer Naga X popped up in the search results. I own Razer stock, but never owned any of their products. Their Razer Naga X is like an upgraded version of the G700 with even more RGB lighting and optical switches. The optical switches helped sell me on the prospect of speed and longevity.

It is corded only, but the description promised a low drag cord for that “barely” there feel. The final deciding factor was the next day delivery. Sold.

Razer Naga X Real World Performance is Great

All the marketing and listed features are great, but the important part is how it really works. Spoiler alert, it is fantastic. Right after plugging it in, the light show through the buttons was a bonus, but not a big requirement for me. The mouse clicks on the Razer Naga X are smooth and fast.

Sure I upgraded from a broken mouse, but it’s even better than I remember the Logitech G604 was. Testing Rocket League again sealed the deal. It was fantastic to have proper boost again and it felt quicker when I clicked. The main problem solved.

I can’t remember the last time I owned a corded only mouse for gaming, but the Razer Naga X cord is beyond light. The benefits of a corded connection without the drag of normal mouse cable is a huge plus.

There are so many buttons at the tip of my thumb, but I do need to build muscle memory for which buttons control which key presses. The grip is different, so I’m adjusting to that and the location of all those buttons. With Battlefield 2042 in Early Access, I’m looking forward to mapping out the key presses to map to each of the buttons.

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