Watch Dogs Legion Uniformed Access, I Love It

In my previous play session, I finished all the borough uprising missions and was ready to play the main campaign. This session I found out how much I loved Watch Dogs Legion uniformed access. It adds a whole other layer to stealth and makes you feel like you are undercover.

For example, you can recruit a doctor to blend in at a hospital, police for police stations, gang member for hideouts, Albion member to access their secure facilities, etc..

Watch Dogs Legion Deep Profiler

Deep Profiler schedule page
Deep Profiler Schedule

In a previous session, I made sure to unlock this to enable recruiting the hard to get people I mentioned in the intro. As you can imagine, the people DedSec is trying to take down might not be so quick to help them infiltate their company or gang.

The deep profiler allows you to see what the person’s daily schedule is. I’m guessing maybe you can follow them around to seek opportunities to help them. The other part of the profile shows possible missions that could be used to gain their favor. These will vary, but are pretty interesting and give you back story to humanize the recruit.

Once you complete the deep profiler mission, only then can you undertake the regular recruitment mission. It is absolutely worth completing the extra mission to use the uniformed access to gain lower risk access to secure areas.


Watch Dogs Legion police inspector uniformed access in profile
Policeman Recruit

Completing all the borough uprising missions did not give me access to a police officer. The main mission waiting for me next required stealing a damaged spider bot from a police station, so I decided I did not want to kill a bunch of cops or try to sneak around. It to recruit me a cop.

This required me to complete one of those deep profiler missions. It involved me following a lead for a black market operation to take down the dealer. I ended up taking them down pretty quickly using the beekeeper’s robot bees. The funny thing is I somehow destroyed a cash supply in the process, which was part of the cop’s recruitment. Killed 2 birds with 1 stone.

With the policeman recruited, I made my way to New Scotland yard for the next main mission. The Watch Dogs Legion uniformed access of the cop allowed me to walk right through security check points and motion sensors (the red lights turned blue for me). It requires you to walk and keep your distance from other cops or guard in the station. Other than that, it allows you to basically walk right to where you need to go.

I got to the room I needed to and hacked the broken spider bot in evidence. It was just a fun little platforming/jumping puzzle to get it out through a vent where I could pick it up.

With that bot in my possession, I used that sweet uniformed access to just stroll right out the front door with a few distraction hacks here or there to keep my distance from guards.

That piece of evidence led me to a safe house feed of Kaitlin Lau, ex cop, who was tracking Clan Kelly’s involvement with the bombing. She also found that they were working on a deal with Albion and the latter could use the bombings as an excuse to kidnap anyone.

One of the kidnap victims was a former DedSec operative, Angel, and he was at the EPC under Albion guard. Time to recruit an Albion officer.

Watch Dogs Legion Albion Recruit

Watch Dogs Legion Albion Contractor recruit on profile page
Albion Contractor Recruit

I actually saved an Albion officer to my list of possible recruits earlier, so I just needed to look at my deep profiler for a way to recruit them. It led me to a site where I could hack a ctOS hub to take the Albion officer’s sister off a deportation list. My spider bot made it easy to get in and out of there.

After gaining their favor, I just needed to meet with them to get the official recruitment mission. Ironically, he also wanted me to help with meds for his sister (maybe the same one?). It was a 2 part mission that required me to break into a gang safehouse to download info about drugs and the 2nd part involved getting that truck.

The latter part I used me getaway driver to hack the way to the ambulance, then he did what he does best, drive fast and evasive. They had no chance to catch me.

With the Albion officer in the crew, I made my way to that EPC center. It was a giant sports arena that was converted into temp housing for “illegal” immigrants. There I met with a contact that told me to check the EPC database for our former operative.

The great Watch Dogs Legion uniformed access of this Albion guy allowed me to walk right up to the router to start downloading data from the database. That let us know the clinic was the place to look for Angel and we had footage to download there.

The footage allowed our AI, Bagley, to create an AR reconstruction of Angel trying to escape the clinic, but being captured due to some chip they installed in him to immobilize him.

The evidence there led us to an incinerator that was ran by Clan Kelley, so now was the time to finally recruit that Clan Kelley soldier I had in my queue.

Clan Kelley

Watch Dogs legion uniformed access of clan kelley captain
Clan Kelley Recruit

To get the clan Kelley soldier recruited, I had to clear out her record. The mission was quick enough that I didn’t skip a beat to get back to the main mission, the incinerator.

My new recruit’s gang clothes let her walk right into the incinerator building. Only 1 nosey guard had to be taken down using a distract hack/pipe to the face. My AR shroud hack covered up the body to make sure I would not raise any alarms. From there, it was easy to download the surveillance data that last showed Angel heading to the cellar.

I got to jump down the chute with the other door barred shut and was shocked to see the basement was an organ harvesting operation. Lucky for former officer Kaitlin Lau, I was down there just in time to distract the doctor that was about to work on her.

After rescuing her, I took out another crooked doc and used the camera to get facial recognition on each of the victims on the operating tables. Unfortunately, Angel was among the dead, but I did get to rescue the files they took from Officer Lau. With this nightmare basement, Mary Kelley just put herself high on our list of targets.

Officer Lau later gave us a briefing on how Bloody Mary Kelley put herself in power and how she was using installed microchips to control people like slaves. What followed required me to get into the Sandstone Residence for surveillance footage proving the control Mary Kelley has over these slaves of hers.

It didn’t require me to use the Watch Dogs Legion uniformed access, just navigate a drone through the house and solve a network bypass puzzle to access the surveillance feed. Bloody Mary showed her name was earned when she activated the microchip on one of her people that was acting up to send them to their death via convulsions.

The game forced me to wait until later before I could continue the Bloody Mary thread. Next time I’m going to tracking down another hacker group that showed up on our radar: 404.

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