Finishing the Moss VR Game

Last time around, I was wrapping up the twilight garden DLC with an eye on finishing this Moss VR game. Although it was relatively short, at only a few hours, it was a truly fantastic experience.

There are a handful of games so memorable that you never forget some of the moments. This is definitely a game that falls into that category.

The Castle Had Its Eye on Me

Moss VR game mechanical eye sentry looking for Quill the mouse
Eye Sentry Keeping Watch

Making my way through the castle, I knew I was nearing the end. The puzzles and enemies were getting tougher. Giant mechanical eyes started tormenting me deep into the castle. They were like metal versions of Sauron’s eye.

If Quill spent too much time in its gaze, it would roast the poor mouse. That wrinkle added to the puzzle variety. It required me to move platforms and raise walls for additional cover. The sentry made a terrible screeching sound when it saw you. That sound made me scramble for cover.

Towards the top of the castle, I ran into one of these oversized mechanical eye sentries. This one was more difficult than the others. Yes it was big, but this required me to solve puzzles to get totems to open up the power core for the sentry.

In the end, I found both and opened the core to deactivate the giant central by sabotaging the core. No surprise, Moss made sure this part of the game was not that easy.

Trying to get past that disabled sentry led me to an ambush. I fought several waves of mechanic bugs before I had to escape. The sentry reactivated down the trap door to the dungeon.

Defeating Moss VR’s Villain Scarffog

Moss hero Quill fighting Scarffog the giant serpent on top of the castle with a giant crossbow
Fight Scarffog with a Crossbow

The dungeon was dark and it was surreal using my glowing hands to light dark to look for Quill. Our fairy helper also helped light and guide the way. I knew there would be some trouble in the dark and it didn’t take too long.

I saw the red lights of giant snake slithering around the dungeon. It was NOT going to be fun hiding from the thing. Lucky me, the game transitioned back to the library. The pages showed me Quill’s escape through a hole in a wall and his determination to stay to defeat Scarffog.

After escaping the dungeon, I had to lead Quill up to the castle wall where a giant crossbow was waiting. I knew exactly why it was there, boss fight time. It required me to pull back the bolt before Quill pulled the switch to strike the giant serpent.

This would be a recurring theme in my fight against the serpent. After each crossbow shot, I had to move on to the next area, while dodging the flame breath of the serpent and it striking at me. Moss required a lot of well timed VR platforming. That led to many retries, but it at least saved progress at generous enough intervals.

At the end, I timed my platforming to get up to a zipline. That triggered a slow motion camera of Quill zipping over the serpent onto a switch. The switch brought down a portcullis that I grabbed with my reader hand to pull down all the way. It was with that teamwork, we pierced the snake’s body.

In classic villain fashion, Scarffog was not dead yet and tried for a jump scare. Quill leaped into the air and lunged the sword into the serpent’s brain, finally ending the serpent.

Saving Quill’s Uncle

Moss VR game castle throne hall with giant mouse statues
Ornate Hall of the Mouse Castle

With Scarffog dead, I made my way to the castle thrown room. The pillars and giant mouse statues in Moss look fantastic in VR. Art in this game is really good. This last bit of artwork led me to Quill’s uncle. The two were finally reunited.

Back in the library, Quill’s uncle teases the next book (game). The magically glass hidden in the castle must be found to eventually destroy the winged creature (I think it’s an owl) that killed the king.

Sure the game was only a few hours long, but I won’t forget the experience. It is one of those rare, special games. The animations, art, music, teamwork and gameplay all come together in a great package. I will not hesitate to preorder any future DLC or sequels to this game.

The Moss VR game is a must have for any virtual reality headset owner. I actually feel pretty silly for waiting so long to play it. If you don’t have a VR headset, stop wasting time and get into great experiences like this now.

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