Cyberpunk 2077 Peralez Side Missions

Last time I tackled the Delamain quests and this time onto the Cyberpunk 2077 Peralez side missions. Elizabeth Peralez cold called me during, well I don’t remember, but my V character came highly recommended to her.

Since I was in side mission mode, I couldn’t resist meeting to see what crazy adventure she would only reveal in person. This is a start of a mission thread that led me down a path of seedy politics, murder and mind control.

Meeting Elizabeth and Jefferson Peralez

Cyberpunk meeting with Jeff and Elizabeth Peralez in their car
First Meeting with the Peralez Couple

The Cyberpunk 2077 Peralez missions began by meeting an obviously rich couple that wanted my help examining a braindance of a cyber psycho, Peter Horvath, attempt an attack on the mayor days before his death. The NCPD claimed that attack had nothing to do with his actual death by heart attack, but this couple does not agree. My examination of the BD led me to a detective tied to the case, River Ward.

Investigating the Case with River Ward

Cyberpunk 2077 chatting with detective River Ward
Chatting with Detective River Ward

River Ward doesn’t take much convincing to help looking into what really happened to the mayor and how the cyber psycho fits in.

You are given the choice on whether to follow up on a lead mentioned in the BD, the Red Queen’s Race club by either checking with River’s CI (Confidential Informant) or visit the former boss of the cyber psycho. I ended up doing both, so I think the choice is just which you want to do first.

The former boss basically confirms he was a little deranged, blaming the former mayor for his problems. They reveal that he really could not afford the cyberware he ended up attacking with. Funding of an outside party trying to take advantage of his attitude towards the mayor was basically confirmed, so the next stop was to meet with the CI to get info on the club location.

Before we got back to the car, there’s a situation where you have to deal with gang members blocking the way. It’s a choice whether to listen to River Ward and let him diffuse the situation, or speak up for yourself. The choice leads to a peaceful resolution or a fight.

I’ll let you find out which choice leads to which outcome, but I got the peaceful outcome. I point this out, because this is a great example of the twists and turns the Cyberpunk 2077 Peralez missions will take you through.

Once we met with the CI, he took a bit of convincing, due to a nice little back story about how he was burned (found out by other people he snitched on for River), but he gave up the info in the end. This info led us to a warehouse controlled by a gang called the Animals.

Breaking into the Red Queen’s Race Club

Cyberpunk the Red Queen's Race club gith
Red Queen’s Race Club Fight

My build is netrunner style with high intelligence and hacking ability, so I used those skills to take down each gang member. Hacking the cameras gave me visuals inside the various locations and allowed me to direct my offensive quick hacks against them. Wiping them out gave me plenty of time to find the secret entrance to the club.

There was a bit of a fight in the club, but River Ward had my back and it was over pretty quick. I was then able to search computers and a BD wreath (used to view BDs) that nearly killed me.

That wreath was sabotaged and evidence on the computers led us to believe the Mayor’s 2nd in command, Weldon Holt, was in on it. That heart attack that killed the mayor was the result of this sabotaged BD wreath.

A camera recording also showed us cops were involved with covering up what really happened with the mayor. They made it look like he died in his sleep instead of via a bad BD trip. That cop also happened to be River’s partner who just stood by as they dragged the body out of the club with intentions of staging the mayor in his own bed. This brought us back to the main goal of the Cyberpunk 2077 Peralez quest.

Confronting a Dirty Cop for the Cyberpunk 2077 Peralez Couple

Cyberpunk V confronting River Wards partner cop
Confronting River’s Dirty Partner

There were some choices on how to confront the cop and what to suggest River does in the aftermath. My choices ended with River getting put on suspension and I’m interested to see if that changes next playthrough with another choice.

With that part sorted, I had choices on what to tell the Peralez couple. We had a pretty good idea that Holt was responsible for the mayor’s death in order to get his seat. The police were obviously not going to help, but should I give this ammo to his rival Jeff Peralez.

I chose to to tell them the truth about Holt. I knew they would try to hold him accountable for his crimes and it’s good to have the future mayor on your side. Once I called Elizabeth with the news, she was happy, but wanted me to meet in person to talk about something else. I’m always expecting an ambush.

Break in at the Cyberpunk 2077 Peralez Penthouse

Cyberpunk 2077 Elizabeth and Jefferson Peralez sitting in their Penthouse with V
Peralez Couple in Their Penthouse

I met them in their luxury penthouse with a great view of the city. They told me about a strange break in they had. Their security team could find no evidence and that’s why they contacted me. This mission led me through twists of secret surveillance and mind control.

After scanning evidence of the break in and the bullets Jeff fired, my scanner took me to a secret room. That is where their security was not only spying on them, but experimenting on Jeff.

That room led me to a surveillance van. I had to chase it into an ambush (I knew there would be one). Surviving that led me to proof of a shadowy group performing mind control experiments on Jeff. Straight Manchurian Candidate type stuff.

His wife figured something like this was going on and was threatened by the shadowy group. She met me at a noodle spot to try to convince me not to tell Jeff for his own safety.

I knew my Cyberpunk 2077 Peralez choices might end up leading to something bad happening to the couple as the plot unfolds. The group even contacted me to warn me off. I wasn’t about to just let a mind controlled Jeff go on without knowing.

I chose to tell him, then suggested he wait for power before he tries to make a move. Now I’m wondering if he will or will he end up dead? As a side note, Johnny approved of the whole fighting against the system thing.

I ended with getting blocked from their contacts. I’m not sure whether this is the end of that thread or not. Maybe the next I heart about them is on a news report.

What I thought would be a quick mission turned into a whole other mini campaign. The political intrigue and deep state tone was fun and there might be more to this story I uncover later.

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