Far Cry 6 is Worth Finishing

After Halo Infinite came out and proved fun, I committed to finish Far Cry 6 before wrapping myself up in another game. When I started Far Cry 6, it was a rough start with the stuttering issues. Once I fixed my issues, it quickly became my favorite Far Cry game of all. It was long, but worth finishing.

Far Cry is Filled with Great Side Content

Far Cry 6 Chicharron Meeting
Meeting Chicharron

When I thought I was at the halfway point, I was really only a third of the way. When I finally reached the credits, I clocked in at a whopping 52hrs played. Sure that included a lot of side content (main story is probably half that), but that side stuff was a lot of fun.

Treasure Hunts

Side activities to search for loot, weapons and armor are a common parts of many open world games, but Far Cry’s treasure hunts are a lot of fun. The artwork and mini stories around the various treasure hunts took obvious care and love to develop.

It’s like the developers hid parts of an Indiana Jones game in these treasure missions. Love the puzzles, climbing, zip lines, grappling, rappeling and more. There were plenty of caves and waterfalls to see. I’m glad I took the time to complete every treasure hunt put in my path.

The actual treasure varied, but the actual experience hunting for them was worth the trip.

Yaran Stories

The Yaran stories introduce the various side characters and amigos (companions). They are fun, but none are as memorable as meeting Chicharron, the punk themed fighting Rooster. That thing was deadly and has plenty of attitude. It even snaps at the Dani when trying to pet it.

Premio Races, Hunting and Fishing

The races, hunting and fishing I mostly passed on. There were various missions in the main campaign that introduce them, but I really only complete some additional races to gain car defensive upgrades. They definitely add a ton of content for people that purchase the whole game.

Winning the Yaran Revolution

Far Cry 6 Castillo's penthouse in Esperanza
Anton Castillo’s Penthouse at the End

I love Giancarlo Esposito as Anton Castillo. It’s just a shame he only shows up at main story points (usually after killing members of his inner circle). His character “Gus” in Breaking Bad was a classic, so seeing his face plastered over billboards and statues was fitting.

There were several other standout characters in the game, but El Tigre stuck with me for awhile. I couldn’t forget him constantly calling my character “Bebe Tigre”. He reminded me of a family member of mine in Puerto Rico. Some players criticized characters as stereotypical, but I can vouch many of them remind me of family and friends.

When I finally won the revolution, I reflected on how this was my favorite Far Cry game and setting. Many parts of the island reminded me of Puerto Rico and the places I’ve visited. I spent plenty of extra time admiring the views of Far Cry 6. The sunsets, the weather, the vistas, it’s a beautiful game.

The sandbox gameplay coupled with the great views resulted in a fun game. I do still hate the helicopter controls, but the beautiful island almost demands using the other modes of travel. I do look forward to future DLC to revisit the island of Yara.

Now it’s time to go full speed ahead on Halo Infinite.

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