Luigi’s Mansion 3 T-Rex Fight

Last time we tracked down the ghost cat and got the elevator floor button. We were finally able to go to the new floor. The new floor was lined with display cases and fossils like a museum. This lead to a Luigi’s Mansion 3 T-Rex fight. Spoilers ahead.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 T-Rex Fossil Reanimated

Luigi's Mansion 3 Museum floor with several fossils surrounding the t-rex fossil coming alive
Museum Floor T-Rex Fossil Comes Alive

In front of the main part of the floor, we noticed there were tassels on each side of the curtain blocking the entrance. Our Luigi and Gooigi teamed up to use the vacuum to pull on both tassels to open the entrance. You immediately notice the large T-Rex fossil in the middle of the next room.

Every other step we took into the room was highlighted by flashes of lightning and we noticed the T-rex fossil changed position. It became obvious THAT was what we would likely be fighting soon. We saw a toad portrait and used the black light to free him, but this triggered a cut scene to start the T-rex boss fight.

The T-rex stayed on the pedestal while it would attack us. The rumbling its attacks made would drop pterodactyl eggs from the ceiling at regular intervals. Vacuuming those up and shooting it the T-rex’s way would trigger it to catch the egg in its mouth . We realized we had to join forces with 1 of us shooting an egg to get caught in its mouth while the other shot at the flowing part of its chest. This knocked him back.

Luigis mansion 3 museum floor with t-rex fossil chewing on gooigi while luigi readies egg to launch
T-Rex Fossil with Gooigi Stuck in its Jaws

The 2nd pterodactyl fossil on the ceiling fell and we now only had access to one egg. We tried timing it right and looked for something else to throw before the professor gave us the “hey you are taking too long” kind of tip to use something else in its mouth. Gooigi is the consistency of gum, so my son led poor Gooigi into jaw range and it worked. He was stuck in the T-rex’s mouth like glue and I was able to hit it again with the egg, knocking him back.

This time it broke free from its pedestal and chased us around the room, knocking down other fossils. We realized we could suck some of those pieces up and launch them at the T-rex. After a few hits, the bones broke apart revealing a caveman ghost was controlling it.  

Luigi’s Mansion 3 T-Rex Piloted by a Caveman Ghost

Luigi's Mansion 3 caveman ghost read to attack with it's club
Caveman Ghost Arises from Broken T-Rex Fossil

The cartoon style caveman ghost showed us how to beat him in the cut scene introducing him. He got his club stuck in the floor. We used this tip to lure him near the cracked floor where he would routinely get stuck and we just had to jump to avoid the shockwave of his mighty hit.

After that is was just the tried and true flash to stun him, then use the vacuum to trap and then slam him around to drop his health. Just a few times following that pattern we were able to quickly defeat him. This time we snagged a button for the Basement 2 level and freed the trapped toad. 

We had to escort toad back to the elevator and had fun vacuuming him up, then launching him around the museum level. Once we got him onto the elevator, we went down to the basement

Basement Level 2 and the Sewer

Luigi's mansion 3 basement 2 pipes all over with Luigi in a rubber floaty
So Many Pipes and Water Puzzles

The B2 (boiler works) level was a pretty interesting mix of pipe and water puzzles. A ghost plumber that you encounter floods part of the level, forcing you to solve these puzzles to get to where you can drain the water again.

We often had to use the vacuum pack to change the direction of water flowing through pipes via valve handles and Gooigi would have to do quite a bit of squeezing through pipes. Since he dissolves in water, there would be a lot of coop play with Luigi taking to the water to change or open valves to allow Gooigi to pass thru. Gooigi would then open up the next gate for Luigi. One of the more entertaining bits was that Luigi would use a duck floaty to navigate the water using the vacuum to push and pull his way through the water.

At the end of this water/pipe puzzle section, there were 3 ghosts with shark fins that would send you back to a checkpoint if they touched you. It took several frustrating times to sneak past them due to tires on both sides of the path that would bounce you back or into them.

Once we got passed that section, we were able to drain the water that would allow us to get into the control room for our next boss fight. 

Fighting a Ghost Plumber on a Duck Floaty

Luigi's Mansion 3 Ghost Plumber not happy
Ghost Plumber is Not Happy

Once we made our way into the control room, the ghost plumber locked us out of the valve we could use to drain the control room. There was a ring like platform around the pool of water he was floating around in on his own swan floaty. He would toss proximity mines at anyone on that platform or in the water. My son stayed up there trying to push the mines towards him, while I stayed in my duck floaty to try to coax him into one.

Luigi's Mansion 3 Pool Surrounded by Spikes Luigi's Duck Float vs Ghosts Swan Float
Pool Surrounded by Spikes Luigi’s Duck Float vs Ghosts Swan Float

The sides of that pool of water had metal spikes that would pop your floaty and send you flying up to the platform. You would then have to blow up a new floaty, by tapping a button. It was a simple detail, but watching Luigi’s balloon face animation while blowing it up had us both laughing. Once blown up, I would hop in the water and try again.

Once we figured out how to bump the mine and get him close to it, he would spin in a daze allowing me to hold onto his floaty with my vacuum and launch him into the spikes. This would throw him up onto the platform where my son would use Gooigi to stun him, then use the vacuum/slam attack on him. It took a few more tries, but we were able to take him out and get the next elevator floor button.

We ended right as we made it to the new floor which looks like it may be Egyptian themed. Until next time …

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